May 2019


Wow, it’s hard to believe that our Guild year has flown by so fast!! But, we still have lots of stuff going on, never fear!!

First, the election of officers will take place at the May meeting on May 19th.
The slate of officers as presented in April by the Board of Directors is as follows:
President: Anne Pietroburgo – Vice President: Mary Piorun – Secretary: Jill Havrilla – Treasurer: Jocelyn Bouvier.  These ladies all have demonstrated a strong commitment to Cornerstone Quilters and I have every confidence that they will carry out their duties to keep our Guild going strong as we approach our twentieth anniversary next year. Please give them your wholehearted support. In addition, there is still time to submit nominations for these positions, should anyone wish to do so before the May meeting. Please contact me or any member of the Executive Board to do so. I can’t say it often enough or loudly enough: our Guild runs on volunteer power, and lots of it!

There are still slots open for next Fall’s Guild retreat. The dates are October 25-27, at the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, New Hampshire. The venue is lovely, lots of space to sew to your heart’s content, the food is excellent and the staff is very accommodating to all our needs. Please contact Ruth Haynes, Sue Therriault, or Judy Bachand to reserve your spot! Should you wish to come for the day, and not stay over, that’s always an option.

Our June meeting will be held the second Sunday of the month, June 9th. As we’ve done the past few years, the meeting will be our Summer Social to wrap things up. Anne Covino is collecting paper plates and napkins you may no longer need, and the
meeting will feature the always-bountiful and yummy Pot Luck Bonanza! Bring whatever you like to share with your quilting friends. Our theme this year is “Scraps!” So plan to bring your scrappy quilts to show and share. Two “reveals” will be done at
this meeting: the “Mystery Quilt Kit” challenge and the “Whisper” challenge. We will also be installing our new officers.

And once again, our intrepid Cornerstone Collectible team will be conducting a silent auction of very special quilt-related items. Look for more information about these in our newsletter, and also at the May meeting. The June meeting promises to be lots of
fun and it’s a great way to wrap up our Guild year!

Susan Burns, President


April 2019


Greetings, Quilters! Spring is springing! Birds are singing! Blooms are blooming! While winter has its good points, namely having more excuses to be tucked away inside with the sewing machine, we welcome the arrival of more color and renewed inspiration that
April brings.

Our guest speaker, Allison Wilbur, will be inspiring us with her topic of “Quilting as a Design Element”. The quilting, whether by hand or machine, domestic or longarm, adds so much to the success of any quilt, large or small. Prepare to be inspired!

At our April meeting (the second Sunday), we’ll be announcing a slate of officers to be voted on at the May meeting. The Board of Directors puts together a slate to ensure that all offices are covered, but nominations are accepted from all members up to the May
meeting. The offices to be voted on are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We elect officers every year. Except for the Treasurer’s position, all officers have a two-year term limit. Our Guild runs on volunteer power!!

Many thanks to Laura Salo for heading up our quilt display at the Charlton Public Library for the month of March. The library is a perfect place to show off our handiwork!

If you’re participating in the Shoebox Block exchange, please return the box you received in March to the April meeting. The blocks should all be completed by now, and let’s aim to show off what we create with them at the September meeting!

Carol Cruttenden and Joanne Morin have done an impressive job this year of organizing Cornerstone Collectibles and turning your generous donations into cash for the Guild. They continue to seek special donations for the silent auction at the June Social. As
you’re doing your Spring cleaning, please consider donating those things that you no longer use but which someone else might treasure. We thank you!

Susan Burns, President

March 2019


Greetings fellow quilters! While it’s still technically winter, and there is still snow and cold weather to contend with, I have it on good authority that Spring is coming! Spring brings not only warmer days and emerging flowers, it also brings quilt shows! Check out the listings and make plans to go and see what others are doing with their talents, it’s always so inspiring to me.

Many thanks to all for the beautiful “Not A President’s Quilt” that was displayed at the February meeting, what a treat to know it will be used to benefit others, which is just a perfect plan for it. And I’m putting those coasters to good use, too! Your thoughtfulness and generosity are beyond measure! THANK YOU!!

As we head toward the end of our guild year, keep in mind that the Cornerstone Collectibles team, Joann and Carol (yay team!), are asking for donations suitable for a silent auction at our June wrap-up get together. Please consider donating something as an auction item that is sewing related.

Also, our election of officers takes place in May, with the slate presented in April and nominations taken at any time up to the May meeting. Our guild runs on volunteer power, and lots of it, so please consider what you might contribute to keep us humming along.

Our June meeting will be the second Sunday of the month and will be in the bottom level meeting hall at Charlton Baptist Church. Our theme this year is “Scrap Happy”. In addition to displaying our awesome scrap quilts, we’re collecting those “orphan” paper plates, napkins, and cups that are often leftover from parties. Baby shower? Birthday? Super Bowl? Bring them along and put them to good use while making room in your pantry! Additional information will be coming in the months ahead. I’m working on some things for the March Show and Tell, and I hope you are too. Can’t wait to see what
you bring!

Quilts and the Underground Railroad… Fact or fiction! Jan was a classroom teacher for 35 years and got fascinated by the use of quilts as signals along the route of the Underground Railroad. Jan says “She loves this story and wants it to be true”.

Susan Burns, President

February 2019


The President’s Message

With January behind us, can Spring be far away? While Mother Nature threw us a curve ball in January, the cancelled meeting and bad weather gave us an excuse to stay inside and sew— every cloud has a silver lining, right?

There’s a lot coming up this month (crossing my fingers for no bad weather on the 17th!). The “Orphan Block Challenge” creations will be revealed this month, for starters, along with the coiled fabric bowls made at the January workshop. If you have red and white quilts, or Valentine-themed quilts, bring them for Show and Tell, too, in addition to showing what you’ve been doing over the winter!  Don’t forget your Shoebox Block Swap boxes! Many thanks to Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun for coordinating the January swap after the meeting was cancelled. Good work, ladies!

Laura Salo has volunteered again to mount the quilt display at the Charlton Public Library for the month of March. She would appreciate having your quilts beforehand, and you can turn them over to Laura at the February meeting. Big thanks to Laura for taking this on. She could also use help the morning of March 2nd to put the quilts up at the Library— put it on your calendar if you can pitch in. In addition, if you have a quilt rack you can loan for this display, it would be much appreciated. Interested parties can reach Laura at either 860-208-6462 or

This time of year we start to think about the election of officers for the next Guild year. Under our By-Laws, a slate of officers is presented at the April meeting, and voting takes place in May. The Board of Directors is charged with coming up with a slate of officers
to ensure that the positions will be filled, but nominations for the positions remain open until voting is done in May. I have said it many times, and I’ll say it again: the Guild runs on volunteer power. Nothing happens without the dedication of our members who give
generously of their time and talent to keep our organization interesting and vibrant. If you can serve in any capacity, either at the committee level or in an executive position, let us know. Any member of the Board would be happy to go over the description of any
job you might be interested in. Contact information is in the newsletter. Get involved!!

Susan Burns, President

January 2019


The President’s Message

Greetings and a Happy New Year! As the calendar turns over, I’ve been sorting through my quilts, old and new, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and (possibly) what to just declare disasters and pitch, or turn into potholders. The quilts I make are such treasured reminders of times spent with friends, trips taken, life’s milestones, both happy and painful. It’s a lifelong journey which is far from being over, this fascination with the making process, always something new to lure me back to the sewing machine. I hope your fiber journey continues to give you pleasure and smiles, wherever it takes you this year.

January’s meeting includes the “reveal” of some of the transformative magic we’ve recently worked, taking the Mystery Grab Bags of orphan blocks and turning them into something else. So finish those up and bring them along on January 20th!

This Spring we mark the 19th anniversary of the guild. We would never have gotten this far without the time, effort, and dedication of so many of our members. The guild runs on volunteer power! Please please please do as much as you can to keep us going strong as we go into our 20th year! We’ll be electing new officers in May, and in addition to outgoing officers who are stepping down per our by-laws, many of our committee heads and members need a break after devoting tireless hours to ensure the guild’s continuing success. Won’t YOU step forward to contribute your time and talent?

Lastly, I do want to take a moment to note that one of our founding members, Avis Meskus, recently passed away.  Not only did Avis do beautiful work with an artist’s eye, but she also worked tirelessly with the Outreach group until her health failed. Avis had an infectious smile and a ready wit. Avis, you are missed.

Susan Burns, President

November 2018


The President’s Message

And now it’s November, with the holidays looming just ahead! For those of us who like to honor our loved ones with hand-made gifts, the time leading up to the Big Day (whatever your personal Big Day may be!) is never enough. So get sewing! Or knitting, or crocheting, or baking, our whatever your Super Power may be, and have fun doing it!

If you volunteered for the YMCA children’s gift program, please bring in your wrapped gift, with the tag on it, to the November meeting. A representative from the Southbridge YMCA will be at the meeting to receive them and speak a bit about how much this
program means to area families in need. And a big “Thank You!” to Cathy Carpentier for again heading up this worthwhile outreach project.

If you are participating in the Shoebox Block exchange, don’t forget to bring in the box you received at the October meeting, and take home the next one in line to return in January. Also in January is the “Orphan Block Challenge” reveal! If you took home a bag (or more!) of orphan blocks, please bring your creation to the January meeting for all to admire!

Another big “Thank You!” goes out to Ruth Haynes, Sue Therriault, and Judy Bachand for organizing another successful Fall Retreat!  We had a lot of fun and even got some sewing done! Next year’s Retreat is scheduled to take place in October at the same venue, The Woodbound Inn, in Rindge, NH. Look for more information on that after the first of the year.

There is no meeting, and also no newsletter, in December. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and blessed holiday season!

Susan Burns, President

October 2018


Greetings, fellow quilters!

It’s officially Fall and HOW many days to get those holiday gifts done? Quilters are nothing if not resourceful. We use stuff from the hardware store, the supermarket, the auto parts store, and little random scraps to make the magic happen, right? I love it! I had a recent trip to the ER and was discharged wearing the awful, sad johnny because it was too painful at the time to remove. (I’m doing much better, thank you!) At home, I did manage to get it off and then wondered what to do with the darn thing. Hey! It’s cotton, right? I’m cutting up that bad boy and it’s going into a quilt! If any of you would like a piece of this personal history, let me know, there is plenty to share!

The October meeting promises to have lots of fun stuff going on! Bring your Hallowe’en quilts for Show and Tell, why don’t you? Cathy Carpentier will have the YMCA gift- sharing tags to brighten a child’s holiday. Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun are
officially kicking off the Shoebox Swap. There are more orphan block surprise bags to rescue, signups continue for workshops, and Cornerstone Collectibles will be overflowing with fresh merchandise, including holiday fabric selections. Check it out!

Happy Sewing, everyone!

Susan Burns, President