October 2017


From President Susan Burns:

I think a lot about choices. When I began quilting in the early 1970’s, there was not
much to choose from among fabrics suitable for quilting — mostly uninspiring cottons
with small motifs in a limited range of colors. The available sewing machines were a
far cry from what is available today. And yet I loved them all! Because with every
purchase there was an anticipation of the creation of something new, something
fresh, something that would excite my imagination!
In 2017, the choices can seem overwhelming: The fabrics! The patterns! The options
for “quilt as desired”! And yet I’ve never lost that excitement of setting my hand to
something new. What I sewed in 1973 looks like it came from a different planet when
compared to what I sew today, but the tie that binds them is that love of the craft, of
making something the world has never seen before,and making it the best way that I
can. As we make our choices in this complicated and often confusing world, my wish
for you is that you never lose the excitement and anticipation of making something
new, in the best way you can. Looking forward is not only what gives us hope for the
future, but binds us inextricably to the past and all that is worth remembering and
keeping in our hearts. Happy quilting!


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