November 2017


President’s Message

I have a UFO. OK, I have lots of UFO’s. Some of them actually haunt me, just a little bit, as they sit in project boxes looking back at me saying “Finish me! Finish me!” But one in particular is in my mind right now. I started it in (or around) 1987. It’s a blue and white Schoolhouse pattern. I made templates out of cardboard and cut the pieces out with scissors. Because that’s what you did in 1987. I may have used an old sheet for the backing. (I’m now hanging my head in shame.) I started hand quilting it and hated the process. Yes, it’s that old. It’s already faded and hasn’t even been finished. The logical part of my mind says to pitch it, or cut it up for pot holders, or turn it into a dog bed. But the non-logical half of my brain says, well, wait a minute. Maybe it’s worth finishing! Maybe it will be something wonderful and praiseworthy once it’s done and bound! (I know this is not a realistic thought.) Which brings me to the wonderfulness of belonging to Cornerstone Quilters Quilt Guild. There is comfort in discovering I’m not the only one with UFO’s, a stash beyond – way beyond – my quilting needs, along with endless projects in various stages of construction, and that you members GET it!! I don’t have to explain, you just KNOW what I’m talking about and can totally relate. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful that is. Blessings on all of you! I expect I’m not the only one with thoughts of holiday gifts and decorations still to be whipped up as November inevitably flies by and December is upon us. Some of these creations may actually get done, but there will surely be a few that will need to be put in queue for 2018. And that’s OK! Give yourself permission to just delight in the process and the creative spirit. Display them at Show and Tell, in whatever stage of completion, and we will all totally understand! You’re surrounded by friends. And isn’t that a blessing beyond measure?

Susan Burns


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