January 2018


President’s Message

My favorite day of the year is January 2nd. The madness of the holidays is fading into a dim memory (usually a good thing!) and I can grab a moment for reflection on what has been and what is to come.  Setting goals is an activity I’m trying to leave in the rear view mirror at this stage of my life, and it’s hard. I’m goal driven. I make lists and check off the boxes! But I’m thinking about how achieving a goal doesn’t really bring happiness, because the goal is something you think you should have already accomplished. “I’m late! I should have done that by now! “  So I’m trying a re-set to focus on those deeply personal goals that won’t be seen by anyone but me, the ones that I do for my own pleasure, which is why there’s a better shot at achieving them. Focusing on who I am and not what I achieve is the goal for 2018. Comparison to anyone else is the enemy of joy, so I’m taking joy in what brings me joy without thought to what anyone else is doing.  So do what brings you joy, whether it’s piecing a king size quilt top with 2,543 pieces, or making a soft cushion for a beloved pet to curl up on. The holidays with all their must-do yapping are behind us. Let’s look ahead to joyful quilting which makes our hearts full. Wishing you all an overflowing basket of joy in 2018!

Susan Burns


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