February 2018


President’s Message

As I hope everyone is aware, the Guild’s Board of Directors made a collective decision at it’s meeting on August 19, 2017, to propose an increase in annual dues from $24 to $30. In 2000, when the Guild was formed, the dues were set at $24, and this has not been changed in the 18 years since the Guild inception. It’s a fact of our lives that prices go up, not down, and that has been true for the Guild and the activities it has offered to our members. A survey was made of other guilds in our general area, and dues of $30 are not out of line with what is going on elsewhere. The Board of Directors is aware that an increase in dues will make some members unhappy. We wish we could fund our activities at 2000 prices but we cannot.

This proposal must be put to a vote of the members at our March general meeting, under the Guild’s ByLaws. If approved, the increase will go into effect when membership renewals start in April. If the members do not approve the increase, then the Board of Directors will be taking a hard look at what activities can be scaled down or eliminated with the least impact to our members. It is possible that we will not have as many paid speakers, for instance, and a subsidy for the annual Brunch may need to be eliminated. Choices will need to be made.

The guild income and expenses are included in every newsletter. If you have any questions about any of it, you are certainly free to ask them and have them answered.

I can’t stress enough that the Guild runs on Volunteer Power. Please get involved. Be on a Committee. Run for an elected position. There are always open positions. By being a part of the steering process and a voting member of the Board of Directors, you can have a direct say on what we do and how we do it. Members are always welcome to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, just let us know you’re coming so we can have a chair for you. This is your Guild. Make your voice heard and work to keep the Guild alive and well going forward.

Susan Burns, President


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