October 2018


Greetings, fellow quilters!

It’s officially Fall and HOW many days to get those holiday gifts done? Quilters are nothing if not resourceful. We use stuff from the hardware store, the supermarket, the auto parts store, and little random scraps to make the magic happen, right? I love it! I had a recent trip to the ER and was discharged wearing the awful, sad johnny because it was too painful at the time to remove. (I’m doing much better, thank you!) At home, I did manage to get it off and then wondered what to do with the darn thing. Hey! It’s cotton, right? I’m cutting up that bad boy and it’s going into a quilt! If any of you would like a piece of this personal history, let me know, there is plenty to share!

The October meeting promises to have lots of fun stuff going on! Bring your Hallowe’en quilts for Show and Tell, why don’t you? Cathy Carpentier will have the YMCA gift- sharing tags to brighten a child’s holiday. Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun are
officially kicking off the Shoebox Swap. There are more orphan block surprise bags to rescue, signups continue for workshops, and Cornerstone Collectibles will be overflowing with fresh merchandise, including holiday fabric selections. Check it out!

Happy Sewing, everyone!

Susan Burns, President


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