April 2019


Greetings, Quilters! Spring is springing! Birds are singing! Blooms are blooming! While winter has its good points, namely having more excuses to be tucked away inside with the sewing machine, we welcome the arrival of more color and renewed inspiration that
April brings.

Our guest speaker, Allison Wilbur, will be inspiring us with her topic of “Quilting as a Design Element”. The quilting, whether by hand or machine, domestic or longarm, adds so much to the success of any quilt, large or small. Prepare to be inspired!

At our April meeting (the second Sunday), we’ll be announcing a slate of officers to be voted on at the May meeting. The Board of Directors puts together a slate to ensure that all offices are covered, but nominations are accepted from all members up to the May
meeting. The offices to be voted on are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We elect officers every year. Except for the Treasurer’s position, all officers have a two-year term limit. Our Guild runs on volunteer power!!

Many thanks to Laura Salo for heading up our quilt display at the Charlton Public Library for the month of March. The library is a perfect place to show off our handiwork!

If you’re participating in the Shoebox Block exchange, please return the box you received in March to the April meeting. The blocks should all be completed by now, and let’s aim to show off what we create with them at the September meeting!

Carol Cruttenden and Joanne Morin have done an impressive job this year of organizing Cornerstone Collectibles and turning your generous donations into cash for the Guild. They continue to seek special donations for the silent auction at the June Social. As
you’re doing your Spring cleaning, please consider donating those things that you no longer use but which someone else might treasure. We thank you!

Susan Burns, President


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