Modern Quilting Group

As a new member of the CQG, I am learning about all the programs, events, and perks of being a member.  And if you love quilting, there are a lot.

This past weekend I attended the Modern Quilting group meeting.  They meet four times annually and usually have one person give a demonstration of some sort – how to sew a new  pattern, or perhaps a quicker way to do a certain kind of quilt construction. I really would like to do a modern quilt as I have been very busy doing traditional quilts: Birds in Air, Trip Around the World, Yankee Star, Fence Rail, etc. – and mostly with vintage-type fabrics and florals.  I need to expand my horizons and stretch my design skills.

According to the Modern Quilt Guild, there are characteristics which help identify modern quilts:  Use of bold colours;  High contrast;  Graphic areas of solid color;  Improvisational piecing; Minimalism and expansive negative space (a la Piet Mondrian); Alternate grid work; Modern fabrics; Asymmetrical design and – finally – Pixilated design similar to pointillism in art (Georges Seurat) or digital design.  But mainly – it seems to be a philosophy of “Anything Goes”. Except for possibly old jewelry and other adornments which make it more “Art Quilting” than something functional.

The challenge for this month’s meeting was Monochromatic design.  I am posting some of the quilted projects, and check out our Facebook page for more.

The challenge for the October 12th meeting, being held at the Charlton Library (to be confirmed) is:  Fall Colours and Use of Negative Space. The time is 10-Noon, so if you would like some ideas, input, feedback or inspiration from a group of really wonderful quilters, please join us.

[Being new to the modern quilting genre, I do not include myself in the last statement above!]

Happy quilting, friends.