September Guild Meeting


We started out the year with an action-packed meeting:  signing up for workshops, outreach and challenges; purchasing fabrics at the pop-up shop, Cornerstone Collectibles; greeting old friends and new; borrowing “how-to” videos; and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the ever-popular Show and Tell of members’ quilts (a few are posted below and all will be available to view in the Photo Gallery).  Our new President, Anne P., kicked off the meeting with announcements, including that a quilt is to be raffled to celebrate the Guild’s 20th anniversary (volunteers needed –  Anne will do binding);  the monthly drawing;  and of course the fat quarters for the birthday people.  At the October meeting we will draw names for giving gifts to children for Christmas.

The positions of Publicity Chair and Historian still need to be filled.  Consider volunteering for one of these positions.

** Note for those of you absent from the meeting:  Cornerstone Collectibles will no longer accept donations of books, magazines, or patterns.  Fabric pieces and notions are still accepted.  If you wish to give scraps away, you may contact a guild member to ask who might want them and deliver the scraps to that person at the meeting.

A big Thank You to our guest speaker for this month, Jen Sorenson.  Jen is a founding member of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild and quilt designer; her designs have been published in several magazines and she has won awards for her designs.  She gave us many suggestions for uses of fabrics and design when making a quilt with a more modern sensibility. For those of you fluent in PowerPoint, she suggested using that for quilt designs – or simply take a drawing of your design, print copies, and cut it up different ways to see how you can change it into something else that works for you. Jen is also very big on paper piecing; and her matchstick quilting made a simple quilt design into something special.  She recommended visiting a site called Seeds of Inspiration for getting the creative juices flowing. It is an Instagram site with many photos to get you thinking outside the traditional block box  – .

For more photos and information on her designs, visit Jen at A Quilting Jewel.  If you click on the photo of a quilt, it will pop up with all the information about it – size, materials, the inspiration for the quilt, and what type of machine she used for both sewing and quilting.

The Boston Modern Quilt Guild can be found on Facebook at

The photos below are of a quilt Jen recently finished, with 2,000 (don’t attempt to count them!) Swarovsksi crystals attached.  It’s quite spectacular. If you want to go crazy (quilt) you can buy these glittery gems online from several sellers.

Jen’s Kaleidoscope quilts are a lot of fun and movement.  There are 12 variations of blocks, so you can do one or two or use all of them. Below is Through the Looking Glass, using all Kaleidoscope blocks.

And if you want to learn about paper piecing, the guild has at least one video on the subject, and there are several sites online to visit for tutorials. One site is But there are many more!

As with all quilts, in modern quilting the quilt design is an important element of the quilt to express movement and draw attention to the design. The quilt below is Deco Dots. And below that is This Way Up. Again – thank you Jen for sharing your quilts and ideas with us!

Here are a few of the members’ quilts from Show and Tell:

Below is a pumpkin quilt (partial) made by Nancy W.  and a Christmas runner quilt from Suzona. If you know who made the Giraffe quilt or the quilt with red squares,  please let me know! I did not catch all the names of the quilters while also taking photos,

Until next time – keep that sewing machine humming!