October 2019 Guild Meeting

Our speaker at the October Guild meeting was David Sirota, and his topic was “Experiences as a Quilt Instructor”.  Many years ago he developed a serious interest in paper-piecing, but felt it could be easier.  He perfected his technique about fifteen years ago, although he has been quilting since the 1990’s [all because he needed kitchen curtains!], and he now lectures and teaches classes. To learn more about David, his paper piecing technique, classes, lectures, and to view more photos of his quilts, visit www.quiltmavendave.com.

David’s delivery was humorous and fast-paced; but he basically left us with a few words of advice:

  1. When someone compliments you on your sewing machine, or colour choice, or completed work, ACCEPT the compliment graciously and say:
  2. “Thank you”. Full stop.  Do not point out mistakes that probably only you will ever notice or make excuses for your equipment or say it was not what you had planned.
  3. Have fun in a class! When you attend, it’s to learn, not to be graded on what you do not know or have not learned in the past. Laugh, chat, exchange anecdotes – and enjoy yourself!

Dave made sure to leave plenty of time for his trunk show. His quilts are full-on blasts of colour and design; you may love them or hate them – and he doesn’t care which – as long as they evince a strong emotional response in his audience.

He pairs red with turquoise,  stripes with batiks, and solids with prints,  to create optical illusions – some of them eye-popping. And all are a celebration of color and design.

Thank you, Dave, for your time and sharing your quilts with us. Your designs are exquisite examples of the modern quilt art trend. Victor Vasarely, the proclaimed father of Op-Art, would be proud.

CardTrickMake It Work Pick A Card Scrappy Chevron Star Starry Starry Night…On Acid

And from Cornerstone quilters:

Mary Russell:

Marylee Breault:

Monique Fontaine:

Jill Havrilla:

Mary Piorun:

Meg Stokes – with Applique by Sally Lemay:

Meg Stokes: “Stonehenge Challenge”: