January 2020 20th Anniversary Social

Cornerstone Quilters Guild 20th Year Celebration – “Log Cabin Fever”

Guild members gathered January 19th to celebrate 20 years of quilting, learning and sharing with other avid quilters.

The pop-up shop had fat quarters and larger fabric remnants for sale – at wonderfully low prices! – and members signed up for workshops and volunteered to assist in other areas. [Side bar: pop-up store will always take donations of fabric – but no scraps – at least fat quarters of fabric, and other quilting items.]

To get the meeting started, since conversation was loud and a bit “echo-y”, Becki gave a shrill “Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi”, which was followed by surprised silence and then laughter.  But the object was achieved,  and the meeting began with general announcements and news of ongoing projects for the year from our president, Anne P. There was no speaker for this meeting as January can be “iffy” weather-wise, so we substituted having a speaker with having a party.

After announcements, we had a double Show and Tell session:  we started with past presidents showing the quilts they had been given at the end of their terms, as a great big cozy thank you for all the time and energy they put into the guild – and it takes a lot!

The second part of show and tell – since we had decided on “ cabin fever” as a theme  – was log cabin quilts made by members,  or quilts members had found on sale, and could not pass up!  (‘Find of the year’ kudos to Carol for the $20 100-plus- year-old silk tape quilt she was fortunate enough to discover).

Following the viewing of all the gorgeous and well-loved quilts, it was really time for the party to get going – with CAKE!  We had both chocolate and white with quilt block designs as decoration. As if quilters need more sugar(!). I think for many members, me included, quilting is our “go to” comfort “food”.

At some point the question arose as to how the guild came up with its name, and Susan B shared that, to the best of her knowledge, it was because we are located near the corner where  the three states – Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts – meet.

All-in-all, it was a lovely celebration, thanks to those members who donated planning skills, plates, cups, utensils, drinks and, of course, their time.

A couple additional “thank you” shout outs for the food served at the January 19th party – To the pastry chef, Sarah, daughter-in-law of Anne C. Thank you Sarah, for providing beautiful and delicious cakes. The cookies served were Pizzelle, a traditional Italian waffle cookie, baked by Anne P’s husband. Thank you, Tony, for your culinary contribution to our celebration.

The next guild meeting is February 16th.  Our speaker will be Pat Delaney and her topic is “Red”. Make plans to join us. Who doesn’t love some shade of red!