Modern Quilt Group – January 2020 Meeting

JANUARY 2020 – Modern Quilt Group – Lunar Theme

Hi, All,
What a great meeting we had yesterday afternoon. A few new people joined us and hopefully were inspired to come back and perhaps join in the discussion or challenge!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we began with fortune cookies….and gained a few words of wisdom for 2020 – the Year of the Rat. We then dove right into a show and tell of our Challenge Quilts with the theme of Lunar! We had a wide range of interpretations all involving the moon in some way. Many thanks to our challenge participants…..and to those of you who brought other-than-lunar quilts. I personally was inspired to do more.

Jill Havrilla shared a few small quilts and fabric panels that she had had printed from photographs through a web service –

Our featured presenter was Susan Burns, who stepped us through the process of facing a quilt. She presented different techniques, some easier than others. Below are links to her favorites. Thanks, Susan, for taking the time to share your expertise!

This is the link to Robbi Joy Eklow’s method:
How to Make a Quilt Facing | WeAllSew
Art Quilter, Robbi Joy Eklow, shares her method for facing a quilt, a finish that gives the edges of a quilt a clean look without the frame of traditional quilt binding. A facing is similar to a binding on a quilt, except that it’s turned completely to the back so there is no visual line around the edge of a quilt.

This is the one from Susan Brubaker Knapp:
How to face a quilt (non-mitred) BLUE MOON Susan Brubaker Knapp. They are free, How to face a quilt (non-mitred) These directions were produced by Susan Brubaker Knapp. They are free, and may be copied and distributed. E-MAIL:

Sue T then distributed an article from the Modern Quilt Guild ( entitled “A Framework for Judging Modern Quilts.” Thanks, Holice, for sending it along. There lots of discussion points in the one-page outline; we’ll plan to tackle items at future meetings.

Notes for the Future:

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 25th, from noon to 2 pm at the Community Room at the Charlton Library. It will follow the board meeting held that morning from 10 – 12.

Our challenge for the April meeting will be Modern Traditionalism – the Churn Dash block. Each quilted item should feature the traditional churn dash block in a modern way.

Our challenge for the July meeting (date/time/venue tbd) will be a modern fabric challenge. Each participant should bring a half yard of modern fabric in a brown paper bag to the APRIL 25 meeting. At the April meeting, the bags will be exchanged, and we will discuss any additional guidelines, if any, to the challenge. This challenge will be due at the July meeting.
That’s it for now. I’ll send out a reminder in mid-April.
Many Thanks to all for making this mini-group so much fun!
Sue T.