Quilt Displays 2020

CHARLTON LIBRARY QUILT DISPLAY – We are no longer able to display quilts at the library in the room we used, due to water damage and subsequent renovations.  Instead, the library has offered us a wall to hang one quilt each month. Quilts may not be wider than 65″.  Anne P is taking names and phone numbers of members interested in having a quilt displayed. The selection is random, by drawing one name of those interested at each guild meeting.  That person will then be given the following month to display a quilt. Hanging sleeves are not required. The library would like a short bio with each quilt displayed.  Nicole is our contact at the library if you need to speak with her about arrangements to drop off or pick up your quilt.


[a]  ONLY large quilts, but no larger than 80″ wide x 88″ long.

[b] MUST have a 4″ hanging sleeve.

[c]  NO tied quilts.

[d]  NO labels or identifying  information on the front of the quilt.

[e]  MUST have been made AFTER 2015.

[f]  Must be brought to Susan Burns at the February Guild Meeting – or you may take yours to the Center on Feb 28th.

Quilts will be judged and voted on anonymously to determine the quilt that best represents our Guild.  That quilt will then be displayed at the NEQM in the summer of 2020. So go through your quilts and see what you haven’t given away!

NOTE:  If you were not at the meeting on Sunday Feb 16th. or if you forgot to bring your quilt for the display at the Charlton Sewing Center, please bring your quilt directly to the Charlton Sewing Center any time during the day, Friday, 2/28 and be sure it is given to Peg Sullivan so that you will be included in the month-long display.  Any questions, please contact Susan Burns at susanlburns23@gmail.com or call her at 508-864-2397 prior to 2/28

MARCH 15 – CHARLTON SEWING CENTER RECEPTION –  If you haven’t had time to get to the Center to vote on the quilt which you think best represents the Cornerstone Guild, then come to the reception, meet friends, view the quilts and cast your ballot!