February 2020 Guild Meeting

February  2020 Guild Meeting

Our speaker this month was Pat Delaney – an extremely creative and award-winning quilter for the past 20 years.  Most recently Pat had a show at the NEQM titled “The Colorful World of Pat Delaney”.

Per the NEQM:  “Pat Delaney’s quilts are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate details and complex patterns. Her work has won numerous awards and recognition from every major quilt organization in the United States. Among these are Best of Show at AQS QuiltWeek in Des Moines, Iowa (2013) and a First Place award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas (2011). . . . . .Delaney not only enjoys creating her own designs, but also focuses on teaching these skills to other quilt makers.”

Because Pat’s favourite colour is red, she presented a slide show featuring just about all the reds found in nature and said that if in doubt about what colours to use with red, look at nature for inspiration.

One of Pat’s four quilts featured in 500 Traditional Quilts by Karey Patterson Bresenhan from Lark Publications is even titled “Inspiration Draws from Nature”.  The other quilts are “Barcelona Crow’s Nest,” “Sugar Maples and Nose Stickers,” and “To Everything There is a Season.” And for those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘nose sticker’, children also call the maple tree seeds  ‘helicopters’ in other parts of the country.

While she has done basic red and white in at least one quilt, most of her quilts are a vivacious mix of reds and other colours for contrast.

If you missed the guild meeting, click on  the links below for photos of some of her quilts:

New England quilt Museum at https://www.neqm.org/the-colorful-world-of-pat-delaney-2

Pat’s website at https://www.crabtreelane.com/.

Photos  of a few of Pat’s quilts are included here.

And of course we have the Show and Tell photos of some quilts made by our guild members: