Block of the Month – August 2020


Above from PamelaQuilts

Now that we are moving into the “dog days” of summer and have been housebound inland for quite some time – or perhaps you were lucky enough to spend time at the shore – it is perhaps inevitable that we should think of cooling colours and cooling waters to get us through these last weeks of summer.

The quilt block Snail Trail has several names and variations, such as Simple Monkey Wrench (not to be confused with Monkey Wrench which is, surprise, another name for the ever-popular Churn Dash); Nautilus, Vortex and Snail Garden are popular variations. For more information go to

Although the name of the quilt block does not suggest anything aquatic – unless you are thinking “escargot” – depending on the colours you choose, the number of fabrics, and how you do the quilt layout, this block pattern can resemble waves, blue sky and seashore with no problem.

Variations are abundant;  instructions and tutorials are easily found online if you have never done this block, or if you want to refresh your memory.  As with most blocks, it can be done in any size and layout you want, using a couple of different cutting and piecing methods, depending on your preference.

Check out the sites below for patterns, cutting instructions and tutorials, and choose the one you prefer.

For making a quilt using two fabrics and 42 blocks:

Tutorial from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Colorful Snail Trail Quilt made by Laura Lynn James using the Snail Trail
Tutorial from Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co. See link above.

“Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world” – Beach Boys.

Happy Trails, my friends!