October 2020 – Apple Picking Season

Perhaps it’s because my (4th great) grandparents started in Massachusetts apple country and went “Westward-Ho” to Michigan to plant an apple orchard that I am about all things apple:  pies, cakes, sauce, jelly, salads, cider, canning them and quilting them and feeding them to horses. Growing up we spent summers at what – at the time – was the “ancestral” home, as  my grandparents had retired there.  Although the orchard had been sold by then, there were still plenty of apple trees on the property around the house, and a horse willing to eat them.

Pomona – in ancient Roman religion and mythology – is the goddess of “fruitful abundance”. Her name is from the Latin pomum, meaning fruit – specifically orchard fruit. In French, pomme is the word for apple.  Centuries ago, the apple became a symbol of the season.  If you would like to know more about Pomona:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomona_(mythology).     

I am looking forward to a visit to the local orchard in a couple weeks so I can make my applesauce and can apple slices for pies for Thanksgiving. [There will most likely be pumpkins canned also for pies and bread.]

I had done a couple pillows – many years ago – with applique apples.  This time, however, I thought I would find an apple block pattern and go through my stash for Macintosh reds, Granny Smith greens and Golden Delicious colours to make an apple throw for the coming winter.

There is a huge range of patterns to choose from. There are as many patterns and designs as there are types of apples.  I have linked a couple of the more colorful ones – although I have also linked a couple quick and easy ones too,  in case you are pressed for time. [Even this year, with its challenges and isolation, it seems time is not inexhaustible].

From Apple Avenue Quilts 2011 BOTM:


If you love apples and red and white accents for your home (or red and white everything, like my aunt) you will love the apple picking quilt from Jedi Craft Girl:


And if you have memories of bobbing for apples at Halloween parties when you were a kid, the Bobbing for Apples quilt, 50” x 50”, free pattern by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex, (below) may bring back memories:


And for a brief history of bobbing for apples:  https://www.history.com/news/what-is-bobbing-for-apples.    

From Molly Kohler at Lovely Threads Machine Quilting there is this apple quilt with lots of swirling quilting and large apple blocks:


For a patchwork mini quilt go to:


And for a simple but dynamic apple from Quilting Jet Girl and Aurifil – just do strips!

Whatever you choose, the apple is a symbol of the All Hallow’s Eve celebration.

And as the old saying goes:  An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Be well, stay safe and sew on! And eat those apples anyway you love them.

And a bonus for you apple lovers: