December 2020 Redux

NOTE: The following was posted last month and is being re-posted here for easy access.

December brings to mind a variety of images – fir trees, decorating for the holidays, Christmas carolers, the aroma of cookies baking, a cat or dog sleeping by a window in a spot of winter sun, shopping or making gifts to give at the holiday, the December full moon, which goes by many names: Full Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon and Oak Moon; and of course, all the traditions of the Yuletide that we celebrate with our families.

Some put up their tree immediately after Thanksgiving; I like to wait until December before I even think about decorating – although this year, I must admit, knowing that no family will be here for the holidays to see my handiwork (what there is of it!) means I will just have to take photos and send them via email to family members. I am a minimalist when doing up the house – a wreath on the door, my Christmas Village display, lots of candles and holiday-themed floral arrangements and plants, and some old-fashioned hand-crafted Santas, and angels who pretty much hang around all year. Literally. On walls, doorknobs, music chimes.

But mostly I am busy – as are most quilters  – finishing up gifts for family and friends.

I have also been searching for some small projects to round off my gifting for the year.

The projects below were all posted on FaceBook in December on the Cornerstone page;  I put them all here for easy access, if there is something you want to do later.

“Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat, Please to put a penny in an old man’s hat . . . “

We all know this rhyme from childhood, and if you are in the mood to make a quilted Christmas goose using the flying goose pattern, check out the link below:…/ComingHomeQuiltFreePatt…

Advent Calendar

Yesterday I opened Day One of my desktop Advent Calendar and it was a fun way to start the day. Music, animation and surprises around every corner. The theme is Nordic and the graphics are beautifully done.

So I thought I would give you a couple advent calendars to look at and possibly make for next year – unless, like some people I know – you work well and quickly under pressure and time constraints!

The calendar using lots of Christmas fabrics is from Bubbles Before Bathtime:

There are several quilted calendars on the Love Sewing Mag site:…/free-advent-calendar…/

So count down to Christmas with us – or make a block each day that you can sew up together to use for next year! If they have pockets, you can insert candies or tiny gifts for each day. Whatever you choose to do – or not to do – may this month bring joy to you everyday.

And if you do make a calendar – or have made one in the past – please share with us so we can post it. If I haven’t mentioned it – we love getting photos of guild members’ creations!

Christmas Tree Napkins

I found instructions for a really cute Christmas Tree dinner napkin and may have to make a few. This pattern uses metallic thread, which I love and have used on a couple other projects. You can always enhance the simplicity by using fabric scraps you have pieced together. Here are the links to pattern and video instructions:

Folded Christmas Tree Napkin from Shabby Fabrics:

Shabby Fabrics free downloads (location of Christmas Tree Napkin pattern) has lots of free Christmas patterns and tutorials:

O Tannebaum Pincushion

Recently several guild members participated in a pincushion exchange. We received a couple photos of the cushions which we posted before Thanksgiving. But if you are still in the mood to do one – or more! – pincushions, you may find the O Tannenbaum pattern to your liking. These would even look great in different sizes and fabrics arranged on a side table or mantel for the holidays. And then you can spirit them away to your sewing room!…/o-tannenbaum-pincushions

Christmas Gnome

My desktop Nordic Advent Calendar has a little gnome hiding somewhere in it each day. When I click on the gnome, he pops away to the part of the calendar that is my “chalet” (which I was able to decorate for the holidays by clicking on various icons) and sits on a shelf with the other gnomes I have found. I will have 25 by Christmas.

I recently learned that both of my grand-daughters have become obsessed with gnomes. they are not little girls anymore, but – hey – I wanted a cuddly toy puppy when I was 13 because we didn’t have a real dog. And my parents gave me one. So I thought I might make one or two gnomes to set on a shelf as Christmas decorations. On the site I found a free pattern and instructions for a very cute little gnome.

If you know a child of any age who is particularly fond of gnomes, this is for you.…/christmas-gnome-free-sewing…

The printable pattern is at…/Christmas+Gnome…

Table Topper

“Winter Seeds Table Topper” for Christmas and after, from the Crafty Quilter:…/christmas-once-a-month…/

Snuggle Snowmen Quilt

From Natalia Bonner – a Piece and Quilt Snuggle Snowmen tutorial:…/snuggle-snowmen…

Swedish Dala Horse Quilt Block

Printable Instructions at:

  1. Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter has 16 small projects and tutorials:           
  2. Quilting Digest Archives has an abundance of small projects- but you need to buy some of the patterns, while others can be downloaded for free.
  3. Retro Drawstring Bag:
  4. Tea Bag Wallet:      
  5. Fabric Roll-Ups for Crafting Tools:           
  6. Eyeglass Case:           
  7. Fabric Storage Baskets, Instructions from Bernina:           
  8. The Quilted Sham Tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics: