April 2021 MOD Squad Meeting

Hi, All,

Those who attended our Mod Squad meeting Saturday April 24th were treated to a great array of modern and not-so-modern quilts.  It was great fun not just for the show and tell but also for the in-person chat and laughter.  Welcome to Edna Dresser, Judy Bachand, Cindy Sumner, and Sally Lemay for joining us.

The Game of Clue challenge had been delayed from our original date of January and there were lots of great quilts and quilty items shared.  Check out www.facebook.com/cornerstonequilters for the eye candy.  Many thanks to Susan Detwiler who has posted photos to the guild’s website and facebook page.  And, many thanks to the participants – Susan Peterson, Susan Detwiler, Susan Burns, Monique Fontaine, Lynn Whitten, Joy Reece, Kathleen Lemansky, Becky Bachand, Ros Rock, and Sue Therriault – for showing and sharing their unique creations. 

The second round of show and tell included other-than-modern quilts, mostly traditional with a twist.  Lynn Whitten and Edna Dresser had completed temperature quilts – definitely on my list for 2021.  Kathleen Lemansky jumped into the Beth Helfter Accordion HST technique and created her own oversized martini complete with lime to commemorate Cinco de Mayo 2021!  Bridggette Fink treated us to her beautiful blue and yellow wedding quilt soon to be gifted.  Becky Bachand shared her very graphic snowflake and scrappy ombre triangle quilts.  And then there were the bags from Becky, Kathleen, and Joy.  So much to see and sew much inspiration!  

With time on our hands to explore the internet for quilty inspiration, several ideas surfaced.  Ros is interested in exploring transparency and, lo and behold, Joy has made one.  Looks like a discussion topic for next time.  If you want a color challenge and you want to use up some 2-1/2″ squares, then take a look at Debby Brown’s Scrap Quilt Along – www.debbybrownquilts.com.

I watched an episode on The Quilt Show about Mel Beach, quilt designer, who created a 100 Days of Dice Doodles challenge for herself where each day she rolls the dice and works within the parameters of color, shape, and design.  If you want to break out of your box, check out Mel’s website and / or sign up for her newsletter at www.melbeachquilts.com.

I also found another website – www.quiltinspiration.blogspot.com – that offers lots of free patterns and MORE inspiration.

Quilt Inspiration Megan writes, “This quilt is a wonderful opportunity to play with color interactions. I chose this name for the quilt because it’s electric – and it goes ’round !” www.quiltinspiration.blogspot.com

Finally, check out Karen Brown’s Just Get It Done Quilts.  Karen has added lots of new videos and interviews that are great fun – https://www.justgetitdonequilts.com.

Just Get It Done Quilts | Ontario | Free Quilt Patterns Welcome. Here we’ll explore quilts and quilt blocks to make them efficiently with colours that work for you. There are patterns to download. And fun to be had. Just Get it Done Quilts. www.justgetitdonequilts.com

So, what’s our next challenge?  The Dresden plate shape, i.e. a wedge.  With a nod to the past and an eye to the future, let’s see what we can create. It will be due at our next meeting, tentatively planned for Saturday, July 24th, and hopefully held outside.  Details to follow in early July.  All are welcome!

Have a great week!


Sue Therriault