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July is Here and So is Summer!

Welcome to July and (in my book) the beginning of summer!  We celebrate our Independence Day and many other holidays during this month. 

There are a few hundred special days listed for July (494 to be exact) – but many of them are very odd and mostly special interest such as Dog House Repair Month or Build a Scarecrow Day. I chose a couple of the more sane holidays to include here.

Yes, ladies and gents, it is National Ice Cream Month. In honor of this I am posting a couple links to some free ice cream patterns suitable for large quilts or table toppers:

It is also Blueberry Month – and I plan to go to my local blueberry farm and do some serious berry gathering to make pies and jams and muffins. You can find a few blueberry patterns online, but they will cost you. You may do better to buy blueberry fabric (there are some yummy ones available) and put together your own “blueberry pie” quilt or table runner.

For those of you who love to see the bees in your garden, the 10th is Don’t Step on a Bee Day. (Bad for the bee, and he might retaliate. Bad for you.)  Bees are very popular right now in fabric, so it is easy to do an homage to bees using your favourite quilting pattern.

I found a couple patterns that are free – and a video tutorial for “Bee Greatful” from Lisa Capen Quilts.  (I thought it was grateful, but I guess it means be great?):

Again, the really cute bee patterns can be purchased. But I am not including links to any sites that are selling bee patterns. You are on your own. (Sorry).

One more dedicated day – July 14th is Shark Awareness Day. And for those of you heading to the Cape for the holiday or a summer vacation – the news is that a “great white shark migration” is heading that way.  Word is that the only way to avoid the sharks is to stay out of the water (although Jimmy Buffet sings about the sharks that live on the land).  At any rate – be careful out there!

Patchwork Posse has 12 shark projects with tutorials and patterns:

Even though the great outdoors is calling (loudly!) remember to take advantage of a few moments here and there to get on with UFO’s, challenges, and planning your next project.  Small hand-sewing projects are the perfect solution for enjoying the weather and still keeping your hands busy – hand-binding, embroidering, sketching out your designs, mending well-loved quilts that need some TLC, and hand-quilting, if your talents lie that way.

Whatever you do, the buzz is live, laugh and BE GRATEFUL for all the good things summer brings!

End of Year Social – June 2022

“To quilt is human. To finish is divine.” ― Unknown

Our Guild end-of-year Social yesterday was a smashing success. It’s great having some meetings in the gym, as we sit at tables, visit, eat, laugh, “table hop” and share our “quiltings”.  If we have a speaker the event is upstairs, where food and drink are not allowed, and it is more of a “presentation” environment.

At the meeting the new officers were sworn in for the coming 2022-2023 year.  As our new President, Ros is full of ideas, Ruth is VP and retreat coordinator, Eleanor is Secretary and Jocelyn remains Treasurer.  A very large and grateful “thank you” to the ladies for volunteering for those positions. And thank you to the members who stepped up in 2021-2022  to fill those positions when we were trying to get back on track after our tumultuous isolation. Sue T, as acting president this past year, was given a Mondo bag sewn by Ros and stuffed with “thank you” items from the guild. She is a former President and always gives generously of her time, organizational abilities and ideas to the guild.

This year was also the first year for the Silver Thimble Award.  It was given to Susan B in recognition and grateful appreciation of her 4 times as guild president, her accomplishments, the time she has given to the guild and her status as one of the founding members of the guild.

As a sidebar – the guild absolutely RUNS on volunteer help, so if there is a position for which you would like to offer your time and talents, please let the board know.  As you can see from our newsletter, there are many positions other than just officers that can use you and quite a few require lots of hands-on help.  If you are interested in doing a workshop to show other members a new or easier technique or process – by all means let the board know that too.  We would like to have more workshops presented by guild members – tapping into the hundreds of years of experience among us! 

So – the guild meeting!  Donations were abundant for the silent auction that Ros spear-headed, and we all got to bid on a plethora (don’t you just love that word?) of items from small packs of fabric to sewing machines and even a long-arm quilter.  Congratulations to all of you who won the bids.

The Hospitality Committee provided iced tea, lemonade and water, while members had signed up to bring various luncheon foods, platters and desserts. Good eats, and not too much left over.

The quilting part came when we showed:

  1. FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing) blocks as one of the quilt skills challenges. Our own Joy did a workshop on FPP last month. I had never done paper piecing, but I kind of fell in love with it, once I understood what exactly I was doing!  I am making several hearts – and let me tell you, this is a great way to use up those tiny pieces of fabric in your scrap bin! No cutting necessary until you have sewn on each piece and used the wonderful “Add a Quarter” ruler to cut the seams to ¼”.
  2. UFO (Unfinished Object – quilts or wall hangings, etc.)  For those accepting the challenge of finishing a project that they had laying about or stashed in a dark corner for whatever reason (and there are SO many reasons for stopping work on projects!) we got to see what they had finally finished.  We have all learned “Done is better than Perfect”, and although we all strive for perfection, it is sometimes a great sanity-saver to just finish. Don’t we all know the deep breath in and release when a project is finally done?
  3. Show and Tell:  A regular portion of the meetings where members get to show off other projects they have been working on over the past few months.  And tell the story that accompanies it of course! We all love a good story.

So what is up for the Summer?

  1. There are a couple small groups of quilting friends who meet once a week or so to do something they all enjoy.
  2. Quilt Shows are back on the calendar, if you are in the mood for a road trip. See the calendar page for quilt show dates and details.
  3. The Mod Squad (modern quilt group of Cornerstone Quilters) challenge to complete for the August 6 meeting is using 3 shades of orange and whatever other colors you want to make a piece that can be no more the 24” x 24” for a total perimeter of 96”, so it could be a table runner at 36” x 12” or another variation of the total 96” measurement.
  4. Beaches and Sun and Sea! Let the colours of Summer be your inspiration to make a quilt or wall hanging to show at the next guild meeting in September.

CHALLENGES for September Meeting

  1. Orange Peel challenge (Ros).
  2. Christmas Card challenge (Monique).
  3. UFO – Third UFO challenge. Remember – if you finish a UFO you get a ticket to be entered in the drawing for prizes after the January meeting, when the 4th and final UFO is due.
  4. Quilt Skills is still going on all summer, although we will not be meeting until September. For June to July, a 9-patch block; July to August, a 16-patch block, and August to September, a 25-patch block.  And with perseverance, you may even have your entire quilt skills quilt completed by the September meeting (if you don’t get side-tracked by vacations, gardening, birds singing, warm sunshine, the aroma of roses and lavender – you know – all those oh-so-delightful outdoor activities!), I can tell you now, mine won’t be done, but I will be working on it. Or at least thinking it or thinking about working on it!
  5. Butterfly Panel (Ros) – if you accepted this challenge to take the panel and slice it, dice it, add to it and make something new – bring it for showing.
  6. Annemarie has requested table toppers or simple table runners to display – and sell – at the Fall Harvest Festival in Leicester.  It occurs the week before our September meeting but she is willing to pick up whatever you make or meet you somewhere. If you need to contact her, you can ask for her contact information via facebook message, or send an email to the Cornerstone gmail: You will need to key in the gmail address as the link does not work.

WHEW! I am overwhelmed just reading the list! But it will all be done – or not.

SO – SEW – it’s going to be a busy three months and even with great weather, I am sure sewing machines will be humming along with the bees. Such a satisfying sound.

“Quilters affect eternity. They can never tell where their influence stops.” ― Unknown

Behind the Scenes – Membership Chairperson

Behind the Scenes 

In this new feature, we will acquaint everyone with some of the key committees and chair people within the guild.  

Membership Chairperson – The key responsibility of the Membership Chairperson is to keep track of our membership.  Thanks to Membership Chair Susan P., everyone (members and guests) who attends the meeting is welcomed with a quick smile and raffle tickets (one for attending and another one for wearing a name tag).  Susan maintains a database of our members, accepts membership dues, gives our membership cards as needed, and maintains a stack of brochures for local shows and shops.  Her right-hand helper is oftentimes Jeanne Z. Thanks, Susan and Jeanne!

February 2022 – The Never-Ending Month – or Quilt Your Way to Spring

What is it about February.  It is the shortest month of the year and yet it seems to drag on and on with grey skies, sleet, rain (who’d have thought), then bitter cold and winds, then back to rain. And maybe snow at some point that doesn’t stay around for long. But the month is young and perhaps this will all be proved as being a wrong prediction!

It’s a good time to organize your sewing room – or that part of it that may have “frazzled” since the last time you did it: a thorough move-the-furniture vacuuming, dusting everything (no fair dusting around stuff), sorting, finishing projects, straightening up storage drawers, bins, boxes or shelves – whatever you use.  And if you haven’t done it since finishing the last project, give your sewing machine some love by taking apart what you can and getting out the lint (which I swear grows inside the machine without any help from me!).

Many guild members are participating in a “Done is Better than Perfect” challenge to complete those pesky UFO’s.  The first finished item will be due by the March meeting.  There are four time frames:  March, June, September 2022 and January of 2023.  So, if you want something easy finished by the March meeting, fill out one of the sheets handed out for your use (this isn’t a test!) and then fill out the others for the rest of the year. The sheets are for your reference and to help you get organized. Then you will be ready for Show and Tell, if you want to show off what you have completed.

Just as a gardener plans the garden during the winter months, quilters can find all sorts of ways to use February as a planning/dreaming month. There are a lot of sites you can go to for tutorials and inspiration on organizing, finishing projects, help with cleaning your machine, using up scraps and moving ahead with UFOs.

FEBRUARY BLOCK CHALLENGE – Since this month’s quilt block challenge is “Square in a Square” here are some ideas:

A few easy Valentines for those special people:

So while February may drag its heels, we don’t have to drag through the days. There are lots of ways we can utilize the cold days as we plan, cut, piece and quilt our way to Spring.

Mod Squad Meeting – October 2021

From our Pres – Sue T:

What a wonderful meeting we had on Saturday filled with lots of yellow and gray challenge quilts and great discussion.  The creative juices were flowing / overflowing as we talked about transparency quilts, modern quilts vs. traditional quilts vs. art quilts.  There were so many ideas, I could barely keep up.  So, what did I do?  I went to my friend Google and found a few websites and youtube videos that I thought I would share with everyone.  Thanks, Joy, for bringing along your table runner and sparking the conversation.

First up – Transparency Quilts.  Check out Karen Combs videos on the basics, followed by one by Thomas Bosket, which focuses more on the colors within colors to create a transparency effect.  All very interesting. – for the Ives Color Wheel.

And check out the Modern Quilt Studio for more transparency quilts.

Our attention then moved toward our next challenge – Improv Log Cabin.  No other guidelines required.  The deadline will be 
our January meeting – set for Saturday, January 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm at the Community Room at the Charlton Library.  For
those of us new to modern quilting and/or improv, I found this article that gives the basics of improv and how to get started. – for Modern quilted textile art.

I want to thank everyone for making the Mod Squad such great fun.  We started this group three years ago (Oct 13, 2018 was our first meeting.), weathered the pandemic, and learned a lot about modern quilting along the way.  The gallery of yellow and gray quilts were inspiring and I was thinking that it would be great to share them with the rest of the guild at our January Big Show and Tell.  Think about it!

Have a great day!


Sue T

REMEMBER – Next MOD Squad meeting is January 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm in the Community Room of the Charlton Public Library!!


from September 19, 2021 Guild Meeting

Quilt Skills – a skill builder or skill refresher activity for all experience levels

What is this: This activity is open for interpretation. It’s what you want to make of it.
Each month, an element or technique will be announced. The task is to create a block
with that element in it. You incorporate the element into a block. Eventually you’ll have
enough blocks that can be assembled into what ever you want – a stack of pot holders or an entire quilt.
The difficulty level is your choice. All the way from block selection to quilt layout. This
project can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. It’s all up to you!

Sampler Block Quilt Tips Fabric Selection Ideas –

  • Choose a few coordinating fabrics with the intent of using at least one of the coordinating
    fabrics in each block
  • Some ideas for coordinating fabrics:
    • Use Coordinating Colors
    • Use a Coordinating Fabric Bundle
    • Use a line of Novelty Prints
    • Choose a mix of Light, Medium and Dark fabrics
    • Coordinate your choices with a Focus Fabric
  • You could start with about 4 fat quarters or 4 half yard cuts depending on the quilt size you have in mind ( hot pads, placemats, pillows, table runner, crib, lap, twin, etc…. )
  • Add additional fabrics to each block for a greater variety if desired
  • Incorporating a chosen Solid in each block will help to make the blocks relatable
  • Solid could be White, Off White, Black
  • Solid could also be a color
  • Consider Gold, Maroon, Grey, Slate Blue, Teal Green, ….
  • Using Yellow, Orange and lime Green will stand out
  • Use these colors with intention
  • Use sparingly will create a small pop of color
  • Use evenly throughout will brighten the entire quilt
  • Use in a specific area will highlight that area

    Ideas when choosing Block Sizes –
  • Consistent Block Sizes are easiest to assembling into a quilt
  • Varying Block Sizes may challenge you when assembling
  • 3”, 4”, 6” and 12” finished blocks go well in the same quilt
  • 4”, 8” and 16” finished blocks also go together well
  • 1/4” seam accuracy really helps when joining sample blocks
  • Test your 1/4” seam accuracy before you begin
  • Adjust your 1/4” as needed for precision
  • Square up assembled pieces ( 1/4 square triangles or flying geese units)
  • Square up finished blocks
  • Random Tips –
  • Store your fabrics together
    From month to month you’ll have it ready to get started on the next block
  • Cut from the scraps of your stored fabrics first
    Don’t cut a whole strip if you won’t use it in the current block
    Only cut what you need from each fabric
  • Blocks with fewer pieces or larger pieces are typically easiest
  • For more difficulty, chose blocks with many small pieces
  • Resources –
  • Use your favorite resource to find a block to make with the element
    • Internet search
    • Books
    • Patterns
    • Past projects

The Element for the block to be ready for the October guild meeting is a Rectangle.

You need to incorporate a rectangle into your block design or use a design that already uses rectangles.

Can’t wait to see what those of you who accept this challenge do!

Questions? Contact Ros Rock.

A BAKERS’S DOZEN – September 2021

Quilters have gone online for many reasons in the past 20 years or so:  as bloggers, designers, teachers; to track their own quilt-making history, or to present what they have learned through photos, tutorials on youtube, written instructions, tips and tricks, and periodic newsletters telling us what they have in the works that we, too, can do via the tutorials or sew-alongs.

Along the way they have made us laugh (hopefully!), challenge ourselves, given encouragement, shared their own mistakes and let us share our quilts with them through their websites or Instagram. In the process we discovered entertaining and informative teachers and speakers, and some whose subject matter or presentation did not mesh with our guild membership. C’est la vie.

Many of the quilters who started blogs also got to a point, in their online adventure, of selling their own quilt pattern designs and representing particular fabric and notions lines on their sites – usually the brands they preferred. [No shame in the game, as I’ve been told].

Anyway – I have a few favourites that I thought I would share with you – there are soooooooooo many quilt blogs out there!  I receive about 8 to 10 newsletters weekly from a variety of quilters. And one per week from any blogger/teacher is plenty. Otherwise, I (or you) simply delete the over-abundance without reading and go on with life.

I basically chose blogging/teaching sites to share using the following criteria:

  1. One newsletter per week, maximum.
  2. Entertainment value (is quilter fun to read or to watch).
  3. Teaching Ability – does she know what she is doing and is she able to share with us in a way that we can see and understand what she is teaching.
  4. Variety –modern, contemporary, traditional, art and embellishers
  5. I also listed a couple teachers who do not have a blog, but do share their works and teaching schedules online.

So – without further ado and in alphabetical order so as not to show preference:

Art East Quilting – John of AEQ was interviewed by Karen Brown of Just Get It Done (more on her below) and while he began as a theatrical costume designer, he picked up quilting – with no previous sewing experience! – and has some very whimsical designs with animals. I especially love his “Goats in Pajamas” and “Dinosaurs on Skates”.

CluckCluckSew – Allison lives in Seattle and with 4 children and works part-time as a  professional; you may wonder where she gets time to do the tutorials (photos and written instructions) that she has put together. Right now she has lots of pumpkins, bats and fall leaves patterns.

EvaPaige Designs – “Author, pattern designer, and national quilting instructor Beth Helfter has one rule about quilting – it’s supposed to be fun. With that in mind, along with her company motto of “Inspired Designs, Relaxed Attitude,” Beth brings visionary designs and techniques to her patterns and exuberance and encouragement to the classroom. Looking for staid or typical? You won’t find it here.” This is a quote from Beth Helfter’s About Us page on her website. For all her wonderful designs, patterns, teaching schedule and more go to

Geta’s Quilting Studio – Geta Grama is Romanian and her ‘About’ page is at this link:  A quote:

“In my country quilting is an unknown craft so these things that for most of you mean nothing, for me were big victories:
– the first quilting book I bought; I studied it with a magnifying glass and an English-Romanian dictionary; the day I understood what is the difference between “batting-backing-binding-basting” was a big day!
– the day I brought the sewing machine with free motion quilting foot
– the day I managed to free motion quilt
– the first fabric order in a quilt shop in USA.”

I have to admit, I first looked at this site because my sister-in-law is Romanian. But after reading about Geta and seeing her work, I decided to subscribe to see more of her projects.  She focuses on all sorts of quilting styles and oodles of bag styles.

Just Get It Done – Karen Brown has lots of ways to organize, save money, use up scraps and finish projects so that you do not have a bagful of UFO’s taking up precious space. She has several tutorials on youtube and also does interviews with various people in her Canadian quilting community. She is easy to watch and wonderfully informative. Find Karen at

The Midnight Quilt Show – Angela Walters provides a kind of off-the-wall tutorial experience. But don’t let the title scare you – you can watch anytime. She usually has a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine (or perhaps cranberry juice) to get her through the wee hours.  will take you to the youtube page that lists all her shows. And she has been doing this several years, so there are videos on tips, tricks, tools, and time savers. This is great for those quilters who like video format. And if you are on facebook, you can find her at   

Missouri Star Quilt Co – Jenny Doan, consummate quilter, is the star of this site. There are blogs, videos, live classes and “how-tos” for all sorts of quilting projects. I like to shop locally, but this site saved me during the lockdown when I could not get into a fabric store. So many gorgeous fabrics and notions galore. She also does several tutorials with two of her daughters, such as taking a basic block pattern and interpreting it three different ways. You can also subscribe to BLOCK magazine, and receive it online, with links to help you along with designs, and in paperbound, for those late evenings when you do not want to be sitting at a computer, but want to read about and look at quilt photos. For their story and other information, go to

Ricky Tims – He is a musician and quilter, combining two unlikely arts into his presentations.  “He is known in the international world of quilting as a best-selling author, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, an award-winning quilter, fabric designer, and a talented and spellbinding speaker. His innovative and entertaining presentations, feature live music and humor combined with scholarly insights and wisdom. His quilts have been displayed worldwide and are highly regarded as excellent examples of contemporary quilts with traditional appeal.”   Just because – check out his site and works at

Suzy Quilts – “Suzy Williams, founder of Suzy Quilts, is rooted in a deep love for the heritage and tradition of quilting and a desire to craft unique, contemporary textiles. With a BFA in visual communications, Suzy uses her graphic design background to transform conventional sewing into a fresh, personal interpretation of minimal, modern design.

Suzy is a BERNINA Expert Ambassador, Craftsy Instructor, member of the Modern Quilt Guild and has been published in Modern PatchworkQuiltCon Magazine, Modern Quilts Unlimited, Modern Quilts: Designs for a New Century and has worked in collaboration with large corporations such as Toyota and Crate & Kids as well as Birch Fabrics, Windham Fabrics, Hoffman Fabrics, Art Gallery Fabrics and Cloud9 Fabrics. Suzy also writes a monthly column in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.”

She has tutorials on her website – both written word with photos,  and videos. Most  of her modern quilts are bold and graphic with unusual color combinations. So stop by and see if you like what she does:

TimnaTarr – Local to Massachusetts, she is a quilter,  teacher and does trunk shows. She doesn’t have a blog, but you can see her work with “map” quilts and quilted animal faces (I love the bunny!) at  Or read an article about her at

Tula Pink – Her designs and colours are almost a shock – but in a good way. Her use of vibrant hues and intricate designs can get your creative juices flowing. Even if you don’t like her work, you can just stop by for a visit now and then to see what she is up to. And yes, that is her real name. And yes, she does seem to love the colour pink. You can find her at Or if you are on facebook you can put ‘tula pink’ in the search bar and pull up her page.

Zippy Quilts – Modern Quilts with a Twist – Mary J Puckett has been blogging about quilting and related subjects for 8 years. She even references Geta Grama’s site (see above) in one of her blogs:  But to get to her home page for her most recent blog go to:  Her “Sunrise” quilt is a variation on Postcards from Sweden, a Broken Dishes pattern.

And finally, we have for all of you embellishers and art quilters:

Art Quilts Around the These art quilts are responses to challenges over the years, such as “Layers”. “Out of This World”,  “The View Outside My Window” or “Songbird”.  Take a look – there are so many    and by clicking on each photo tile on the site you can enlarge the photo for a better view. OD on the eye candy. It’s not fatal!  

I hope you have found something to interest, inspire or challenge you on these sites.  And if you have a favourite quilter/blogger, please share the link with all of us on the facebook page. Thanks and Happy Quilting!

Shd 9/8/2021

BROKEN DISHES – August 2021

While practicing my piecing and cutting of HSTs, using the accordion method (that was the process used for the project in the class many of us took with Beth Helfter) I stuck the finished blocks on my design wall and then just stared at them all for many weeks.  I had used lots of scraps from my “what can I do with this” box and cut the pieces into  5” squares. Many of the scraps were already five inch squares, which is why I went with that size.  So now I had a wall full of 4-1/2” (more or less!) HST blocks:


It should have come as no great surprise when I found a quilt using all HST’s in solid vibrant colours named “Postcards from Sweden”.

I also might have guessed there was a name for the HST block layout –  which I did not realize was actually a quilt design.  And don’t all quilt patterns have at least one name – if not more?  Of course!  One of the names for this pattern is Broken Dishes. And that is what I had growing on my design wall.

This pattern also goes by the names of Yankee Puzzle, Old Tippecanoe, Bow Ties,  Hour Glass, and Whirling Blade, depending on the layout and final design. Two fascinating things about this quilt design: (1) it was specifically for using scraps, and (2) history records it as one of the earliest piecing designs from around 1790 – after the Crazy Quilt fad. There was a site that had this information, but it seems to have become inaccessible.

Quilting Daily site has photos of beautiful Broken Dishes quilts using a variety of patterns:

Even if you do not EQ (like me) you can still find some information and design inspiration on the following page:

One more photo and description of a silk Broken Dishes quilt:     

Below is a photo of a bit of the Yankee Puzzle quilt I made for my daughter about 3 years ago. I had no idea it was a variation of Broken Dishes. Only two of the blocks used the same combination of fabrics (a total accident). I wish I had known about the accordion method for this!

Pieced by Susan Detwiler and Quilted by Lynn DiAngelis

As of today I have made three times as many HSTs as in the photo at the start of this blog and will have a wonderful twin size quilt – or perhaps larger! – but my goal is for a twin size for the guest room.

The tutorial above can be found at the following link:

For those of you who are interested in tutorials in a video formant, go to Missouri Star Quilt via youtube:

And sew it goes: “Rose is Rose is Rose”

Submitted by your intrepid website editor and blogger – Susan D


Mod Squad – July 24 2021 Meeting – Dresden Plate Challenge

Hi, All,

The Mod Squad met last Saturday at the bandstand on the Sturbridge Common.  It was a beautiful day only surpassed by the beauty of everyone’s quilts!  The challenge had been making something modern with the Dresden plate / wedge shape and the results were unique and interesting and very cool……  

Susan Detwiler, our web/facebook master, has already posted several wedgies on our facebook page:  Check them out and be inspired.  Thanks, Susan!   

Cornerstone Quilters Guild – Home | Facebook Cornerstone Quilters Guild, Charlton, Massachusetts. 732 likes · 1 talking about this. Cornerstone Quilters Guild is located in Charlton, Massachusetts with over 120 members. We meet the third…

And, speaking of being inspired, I mentioned a website that has tons of free patterns and lots of inspiration.  If you get stuck, check out 

Quilt Inspiration Nancy James says, “Kim McLean’s designs always make me smile and I began this quilt top at a time when I needed a pop of positivity.I love the exuberant sprigs offset by the variety of stars.” The Stars and Sprigs pattern was inspired by an antique quilt made in the 1800s, made modern by Nancy’s use of bright contemporary fabrics. This quilt won First Place in the Scrap-Duet category at the …

After our show and tell of challenge quilts, we were treated to an array of completed quilts and works in progress.  All in all, a great way to spend a beautiful morning despite the craziness of the traffic.

And, now it’s on to our next challenge.  After much deliberation, we decided on another color challenge.  The Pantone Institute, which standardizes and sets trends for color and lifestyle, announced its color of the year for 2021 as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.  Click on this link and read all about it and about Pantone:

Pantone Color of the Year 2021 / Introduction | Pantone About Pantone Color Institute™ Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights the top seasonal runway colors, selects the Pantone Color of the Year, forecasts global color trends, and advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity.

As for guidelines, we decided that there will be no size restrictions/guidelines, that the quilted item must read primarily gray and yellow, but that one additional color may be added.  This challenge is due at our October meeting, tentatively scheduled for October 23rd.  Once I have confirmed the date/time/location, I will forward that information and include it in the guild’s newsletter/website.

Our good friend, Becky Bachand informs me that Connecting Threads is featuring a new collection entitled Lemonade by Dan DiPaolo that is Gray and Yellow!  I guess that we are on trend for 2021……

Have a great rest of the summer.  Stay cool and safe.


Sue T

April 2021 MOD Squad Meeting

Hi, All,

Those who attended our Mod Squad meeting Saturday April 24th were treated to a great array of modern and not-so-modern quilts.  It was great fun not just for the show and tell but also for the in-person chat and laughter.  Welcome to Edna Dresser, Judy Bachand, Cindy Sumner, and Sally Lemay for joining us.

The Game of Clue challenge had been delayed from our original date of January and there were lots of great quilts and quilty items shared.  Check out for the eye candy.  Many thanks to Susan Detwiler who has posted photos to the guild’s website and facebook page.  And, many thanks to the participants – Susan Peterson, Susan Detwiler, Susan Burns, Monique Fontaine, Lynn Whitten, Joy Reece, Kathleen Lemansky, Becky Bachand, Ros Rock, and Sue Therriault – for showing and sharing their unique creations. 

The second round of show and tell included other-than-modern quilts, mostly traditional with a twist.  Lynn Whitten and Edna Dresser had completed temperature quilts – definitely on my list for 2021.  Kathleen Lemansky jumped into the Beth Helfter Accordion HST technique and created her own oversized martini complete with lime to commemorate Cinco de Mayo 2021!  Bridggette Fink treated us to her beautiful blue and yellow wedding quilt soon to be gifted.  Becky Bachand shared her very graphic snowflake and scrappy ombre triangle quilts.  And then there were the bags from Becky, Kathleen, and Joy.  So much to see and sew much inspiration!  

With time on our hands to explore the internet for quilty inspiration, several ideas surfaced.  Ros is interested in exploring transparency and, lo and behold, Joy has made one.  Looks like a discussion topic for next time.  If you want a color challenge and you want to use up some 2-1/2″ squares, then take a look at Debby Brown’s Scrap Quilt Along –

I watched an episode on The Quilt Show about Mel Beach, quilt designer, who created a 100 Days of Dice Doodles challenge for herself where each day she rolls the dice and works within the parameters of color, shape, and design.  If you want to break out of your box, check out Mel’s website and / or sign up for her newsletter at

I also found another website – – that offers lots of free patterns and MORE inspiration.

Quilt Inspiration Megan writes, “This quilt is a wonderful opportunity to play with color interactions. I chose this name for the quilt because it’s electric – and it goes ’round !”

Finally, check out Karen Brown’s Just Get It Done Quilts.  Karen has added lots of new videos and interviews that are great fun –

Just Get It Done Quilts | Ontario | Free Quilt Patterns Welcome. Here we’ll explore quilts and quilt blocks to make them efficiently with colours that work for you. There are patterns to download. And fun to be had. Just Get it Done Quilts.

So, what’s our next challenge?  The Dresden plate shape, i.e. a wedge.  With a nod to the past and an eye to the future, let’s see what we can create. It will be due at our next meeting, tentatively planned for Saturday, July 24th, and hopefully held outside.  Details to follow in early July.  All are welcome!

Have a great week!


Sue Therriault