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January 2019


The President’s Message

Greetings and a Happy New Year! As the calendar turns over, I’ve been sorting through my quilts, old and new, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and (possibly) what to just declare disasters and pitch, or turn into potholders. The quilts I make are such treasured reminders of times spent with friends, trips taken, life’s milestones, both happy and painful. It’s a lifelong journey which is far from being over, this fascination with the making process, always something new to lure me back to the sewing machine. I hope your fiber journey continues to give you pleasure and smiles, wherever it takes you this year.

January’s meeting includes the “reveal” of some of the transformative magic we’ve recently worked, taking the Mystery Grab Bags of orphan blocks and turning them into something else. So finish those up and bring them along on January 20th!

This Spring we mark the 19th anniversary of the guild. We would never have gotten this far without the time, effort, and dedication of so many of our members. The guild runs on volunteer power! Please please please do as much as you can to keep us going strong as we go into our 20th year! We’ll be electing new officers in May, and in addition to outgoing officers who are stepping down per our by-laws, many of our committee heads and members need a break after devoting tireless hours to ensure the guild’s continuing success. Won’t YOU step forward to contribute your time and talent?

Lastly, I do want to take a moment to note that one of our founding members, Avis Meskus, recently passed away.  Not only did Avis do beautiful work with an artist’s eye, but she also worked tirelessly with the Outreach group until her health failed. Avis had an infectious smile and a ready wit. Avis, you are missed.

Susan Burns, President


November 2018


The President’s Message

And now it’s November, with the holidays looming just ahead! For those of us who like to honor our loved ones with hand-made gifts, the time leading up to the Big Day (whatever your personal Big Day may be!) is never enough. So get sewing! Or knitting, or crocheting, or baking, our whatever your Super Power may be, and have fun doing it!

If you volunteered for the YMCA children’s gift program, please bring in your wrapped gift, with the tag on it, to the November meeting. A representative from the Southbridge YMCA will be at the meeting to receive them and speak a bit about how much this
program means to area families in need. And a big “Thank You!” to Cathy Carpentier for again heading up this worthwhile outreach project.

If you are participating in the Shoebox Block exchange, don’t forget to bring in the box you received at the October meeting, and take home the next one in line to return in January. Also in January is the “Orphan Block Challenge” reveal! If you took home a bag (or more!) of orphan blocks, please bring your creation to the January meeting for all to admire!

Another big “Thank You!” goes out to Ruth Haynes, Sue Therriault, and Judy Bachand for organizing another successful Fall Retreat!  We had a lot of fun and even got some sewing done! Next year’s Retreat is scheduled to take place in October at the same venue, The Woodbound Inn, in Rindge, NH. Look for more information on that after the first of the year.

There is no meeting, and also no newsletter, in December. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and blessed holiday season!

Susan Burns, President

October 2018


Greetings, fellow quilters!

It’s officially Fall and HOW many days to get those holiday gifts done? Quilters are nothing if not resourceful. We use stuff from the hardware store, the supermarket, the auto parts store, and little random scraps to make the magic happen, right? I love it! I had a recent trip to the ER and was discharged wearing the awful, sad johnny because it was too painful at the time to remove. (I’m doing much better, thank you!) At home, I did manage to get it off and then wondered what to do with the darn thing. Hey! It’s cotton, right? I’m cutting up that bad boy and it’s going into a quilt! If any of you would like a piece of this personal history, let me know, there is plenty to share!

The October meeting promises to have lots of fun stuff going on! Bring your Hallowe’en quilts for Show and Tell, why don’t you? Cathy Carpentier will have the YMCA gift- sharing tags to brighten a child’s holiday. Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun are
officially kicking off the Shoebox Swap. There are more orphan block surprise bags to rescue, signups continue for workshops, and Cornerstone Collectibles will be overflowing with fresh merchandise, including holiday fabric selections. Check it out!

Happy Sewing, everyone!

Susan Burns, President

September 2018


The President’s Message

Wow, here we are again, with summer in the rear view mirror and another fun year of Cornerstone Quilters Guild activities ahead!

Cornerstone Quilters runs on volunteer power!  Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep everything humming along!  The audit committee, made up of Mary Piorun, Joy Reece, and Judy Bachand, ably conducted the annual financial audit. Thanks, ladies! Anne Pietroburgo has lined up interesting speakers for our meetings, and Susan Therriault has made sure that we have fun workshops scheduled throughout the year.

Thanks go out to Joanne Carey and Sally Lemay for taking over the DVD library.  Carol Cruttenden and Joanne Morin have fresh merchandise for our Cornerstone Collectibles pop-up shop. (Carol and Joanne want to remind people that donated magazines must be intact with nothing removed!)  They will have “Mystery” kits available at the September meeting for the low cost of $5. Get a kit and show off your handiwork at the May meeting! Kits will include fabric and the pattern. Shopping may be done both before and after the meeting.

Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun are heading up a “Shoebox Block” challenge. The guild did this several years ago, so it’s time to bring it back! Sign up will be in September.  In addition, Anne Covino and Monique Fontaine are putting together an “Orphan Block” challenge. I understand the orphan blocks have rolled in, there will be plenty to choose from. And will there be another “Whisper Challenge”? Stay tuned!

Terri Donnelly and her able team of volunteers will continue having Outreach meetings twice a month. Dates for September are the 14th and 28th. The group meets at the Charlton Grange from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. You don’t have to attend a meeting to help out! Kits are available for at-home sewing. There’s a need, especially, for quilts sized for cribs and hospital NICU’s.

Due to interest in forming a mini group dedicated to the modern quilting movement, Susan Therriault is planning an organizational meeting later this Fall at the Charlton Library. Look for more information on that soon!

We continue to look for one or more volunteers to head up a social media program. This would include maintaining (and upgrading) our website, taking charge of our Facebook account, possibly starting an Instagram account, and syncing it all. Please let any of our Board members know if you can help us out.

Laura Salo is again heading up a quilting display for “Celebrating Agriculture Day” at the Woodstock Fairgrounds on September 22nd. Laura would love for volunteers to help her out. Please contact Laura at:

Thirteen members responded to the request for completing a questionnaire that was made available in the spring. The Board of Directors has reviewed the responses and we’ve made some tweaks as a result.  For one, there will be no winter brunch this coming year. There was interest expressed in having a quilt show. Please be aware that mounting a quilt show takes a team of dedicated volunteers and is an undertaking requiring a strong commitment to see it through. If you’re someone who can rise to the
challenge, let us know!

Also, we have reworked our informational brochure which will be placed in local shops and any other place we can think of to attract new members.  The new brochure is full of color and photos of quilts made by guild members. Check it out!

Lastly, as you may be aware, it’s been customary to present an outgoing President with a quilt at the end of the second year of serving in that position.  I have asked that it not be done for me, as I was fortunate and blessed to receive a magnificent quilt at the end of my first term in office that I love and use. It reminds me every day of how important the Guild has been in my life! Thanks to everyone for making the Guild such a great organization!

Susan Burns, President

June 2018


Greetings, Quilters!

Here we are at the close of another fun Guild year! We’ll wrap things up at our June 10th meeting/ get-together, which will be held in the lower level of Charlton Baptist Church. Please park in the back and enter through the door at the lower level. You’re invited to bring a snack/ finger food to share, but certainly that’s entirely discretionary. If you do bring something, and a serving utensil is required, please provide one. The Guild will provide beverages, along with plates and cups. And bring your wallets and checkbooks, because there are lots of great finds to be had at the Silent Auction! The Cornerstone Collectibles’ Team of Carol and Joanne have put together what promises to be a cornucopia of treasures to bid on!

In addition, bring your red, white and blue quilts to show, and any other “show and tell” quilts you’d like to show off! If you participated in a Challenge this year and haven’t yet shown your completed Challenge project, please bring it in June! Set-up for the meeting will begin at 11:30 and help is needed! If you can possibly come early to help, the facilities committee will be grateful. The Guild runs on volunteer power!!

The Membership committee people will have a table at the June meeting, so if you haven’t yet renewed your membership, you can do so then while you also check-in. There will also be a drop box for the Questionnaires that were circulated last month. Lost yours? No worries! Gaye Kenyon will have extras! If you do not renew your membership (con’t. pg. 2) Newsletter of the Cornerstone Quilters Guild 2 June 2018 (President’s Message con’t.) by the June meeting, you will not receive the newsletter going forward, which would be sad, so renew now!

And just because this Guild year is wrapping up doesn’t mean there isn’t fun being planned for next year!! And looking ahead, we’ll get the ball rolling by collecting “orphan blocks” at the June meeting, so bring any strays you don’t mind parting with. Monique Fontaine will collect them and organize orphan block packets for pickup in September, for you to transform into something amazing and wonderful! Also, Judy Bachand, with able assistance from Mary Piorun, will be reprising the “Shoebox Swap” activity that we so enjoyed several years ago. Sign-up will be in September. Look for additional information in the September newsletter.

Every year we need three people to audit the financial records. We need three volunteers to make this happen, please sign up if you can do this over the summer. It doesn’t take long, just a few hours getting together and going over the books.

Lastly, enjoy the Summer which will pass by all too quickly. Remember that rainy days are good sewing days!

Susan Burns, President

May 2018


President’s Message

Can it really be Spring?? Wow, April was brutal, including an April Guild meeting that was on the verge of being cancelled due to winter weather. Holy cow! But here we are, back with warm weather, daffodils, pollen, flying bugs, etc., and that means our Guild year will be drawing to a close in June. How fast this year has gone by!

We’ll be voting on executive officers at the May meeting. The slate of officers has been presented by our nominating committee, but if you or someone you know wants to be included for any position prior to voting, you need to let us know right away.

A lot goes on behind the scenes to keep our guild humming along. The Board of Directors doesn’t plan just for next month’s meeting, it plans for next year’s meetings, and beyond. To do that in the most effective way for our members, we need to know what YOU want Cornerstone Quilters to be so it remains a vibrant and important part of your lives. Included in the newsletter is a questionnaire that the Board invites you to fill out and return (anonymously) at either the May or June meeting. We’ll have a box available for you to drop your responses into. You can always email or snail-mail any member of the Board, as well. Your input is so important, please let us know what you think!

The second “Reveal” of the year will be done at the May meeting. Participants in the Architectural Challenge will be displaying how they interpreted a photo of a building/structure provided by our Vice-President, Monique Fontaine. This is sure to be interesting! The final Challenge Reveal, for the Whisper Challenge, will be at the June meeting. Also at the May meeting, Cornerstone Collectibles will be having a “Blowout!” sale, so plan to do some shopping! If you haven’t yet renewed, please do so this month so you don’t get dropped from the mailing list. You don’t want to miss a thing!

And speaking of the June meeting— we’ll be having a social get-together in the lower level of the Charlton Baptist Church, with potluck finger food. It’s not necessary to bring something to share, but the more the merrier, yes? Please include a serving utensil if your dish requires one. The setup for the June meeting will begin at 11:30 a.m., and extra help is always welcome, both before and after. Also, please bring your red, white, and blue quilts in June to display in honor of the National Holidays coming up. As a reminder, the June meeting will be the second Sunday, on June 10th. Cornerstone Collectibles has a great Silent Auction planned for that event. Plan to place your bids!!

Susan Burns, President

April 2018


Greetings, Quilters!

It’s time for our first Challenge REVEAL and I’m so excited to see what everyone did to transform the Holice Turnbow Panel From You-Know-Where into something magical! So bring those re-imagined pieces and show us what you did! Holice’s guidelines were to make a top roughly 45” x 60”, the unfinished top is fine! Next up, in May, is the Reveal for the Architectural Challenge, and in June is the Whisper Challenge unveiling.

Please note that the June meeting will be the second Sunday, not the third, and we’ll be having a finger food potluck in the lower level of the Charlton Baptist Church. Our theme is “Red, White, and Blue” in honor of Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Glorious Fourth, so bring your red, white and blue quilts to show! There won’t be a Cornerstone Collectibles table in June, but Carol and Joanne are putting together great stuff for a silent auction! And look for the May “Blowout Sale” at Cornerstone Collectibles next month!

The April meeting is when we start membership renewals for the coming year. In this newsletter is the renewal form. If you haven’t renewed already (and thanks go out to those who have!), please fill out the form to bring, along with the dues, to the April meeting, or mail it to Gaye Kenyon. Anything that we can do to help Gaye and her team is most welcome. Also, please remember that the dues are now $30.00, having been voted on and approved at the March meeting.

Karen Murphy is stepping down as our Library Director, and we need someone to replace her if the lending library of DVD’s is to continue. Send an email to me or anyone on the Board if you can take this over. If you have DVD’s checked out, please return them no later than the May meeting. If no one is willing to take on the Library position, then we will likely discontinue that and place the DVD’s in the June silent auction.

Lastly, the Board is putting together a Questionnaire which we hope will let us know what you want in the coming year. The current plan is to send it out in May. Lots has happened in the quilting world, in general, over the last two decades, and we want to keep up with the times. This is YOUR guild, so give us your input!

Susan Burns, President