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September 2020 – Autumn is Almost Here

This year the first day of Autumn is September 22nd. And the season always gets us in the mood for rich, deeply-hued fall colors. The themes are plentiful: what with Halloween and Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day and Columbus Day (or Indigenous People’s Day, as about a dozen states now call it), there is no shortage of ideas to give you inspiration for quilts, place-mats, table runners and other projects to decorate your home, donate or give as gifts at this time of the year.

For a story on Quilts of Valor, given to the Veterans in honor of their service to our country in combat, please go to to read more about this project. A local contact for these tributes is The Charlton Sewing Center; Cathy can give you more information. There is also a monthly Quilts of Valor Foundation newsletter entitled “threads”:

Boise Basin Quilts of Valor

If you love CATS, you can find ideas and tutorials at these links:       Make an Easy Pins and Paws Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

The above is a combination of the Snail Trail and Cat Block. It goes by several names:  Twisted Cat Tails; Tesselated Tails; Psycho Cats;  and below is a link to Kool Kats Kwilt with instructions.  by Patti Carey

Psycho Cats Quilt Pattern is available thru Etsy.

And if you are in the mood for other kinds of cat patterns, check out:

Floppy Ear Cat Quilt         

Cat’s Cradle Quilt Block            

Cat Weave Mini Quilt for a modern take on our feline friends (below):

And of course we cannot forget the favorite squash of the season: the pumpkin / jack-o-lantern / candle-holder!

The above design is from Cluck Cluck Sew.

The above design is from

The above pumpkin is a true stash-buster.  So get out your ingredients and bake up some pumpkin quilt blocks!     

For a variety of free pumpkin quilting ideas check out      

And to add a little witchcraft to your celebrations:              

We each have our favourite “go-to” site for inspiration and patterns. If you have a favourite, let us know on facebook. There are many good sites out there in the stratosphere and we cannot check them all out no matter how much we may want to do.

Let this fall season be a promise of better things to come in the year ahead. Celebrate the season with bright fabrics and rich colours and designs that make you happy.

Be safe, be well.


Block of the Month – August 2020


Above from PamelaQuilts

Now that we are moving into the “dog days” of summer and have been housebound inland for quite some time – or perhaps you were lucky enough to spend time at the shore – it is perhaps inevitable that we should think of cooling colours and cooling waters to get us through these last weeks of summer.

The quilt block Snail Trail has several names and variations, such as Simple Monkey Wrench (not to be confused with Monkey Wrench which is, surprise, another name for the ever-popular Churn Dash); Nautilus, Vortex and Snail Garden are popular variations. For more information go to

Although the name of the quilt block does not suggest anything aquatic – unless you are thinking “escargot” – depending on the colours you choose, the number of fabrics, and how you do the quilt layout, this block pattern can resemble waves, blue sky and seashore with no problem.

Variations are abundant;  instructions and tutorials are easily found online if you have never done this block, or if you want to refresh your memory.  As with most blocks, it can be done in any size and layout you want, using a couple of different cutting and piecing methods, depending on your preference.

Check out the sites below for patterns, cutting instructions and tutorials, and choose the one you prefer.

For making a quilt using two fabrics and 42 blocks:

Tutorial from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Colorful Snail Trail Quilt made by Laura Lynn James using the Snail Trail
Tutorial from Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co. See link above.

“Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world” – Beach Boys.

Happy Trails, my friends!

Virtual Quilt Shows

Farmington Valley Quilters
Photo Gallery See show & tell and quilt show pictures  
    Merrimack Valley Quilters
Show & Tell Slideshows
    Rising Star Quilters R
Rising Star Quilters Guild Past Show Pictures    
      Plymouth County Cranberry Quilters
September 19-20, 2020
Plymouth Community Intermediate School, 117 Long Pond Road, Plymouth MA 02360
Admission: $8; children under 10 admitted free   Quilt Show themed Follow your Dreams! Basket raffles, Boutique table, dozens of vendors, hundreds of quilts displayed include challenge quilts, quilts made by all ages. The show is part of the Plymouth 400 Embarkation Festival. Raffle Quilt will be Plymouth 400 Anniversary themed.
Handicap accessible. One level building
Parking: FREE at school
        Rising Star Quilters
October 2-3, 2020
St. Brigid Church, 1995 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington MA 02420
Admission: $7; Children 12 & under free   Our 33rd annual quilt show will feature quilts of many sizes, art quilts by Diana Bailey, and a boutique with handcrafted items for sale. A new feature this year is “Small Fiber Works”. These are 5″ by 7″ pieces of art available for purchase. Handicap accessible. The show is in two separate buildings: Kielty Hall in the church building and the entrance is at the ground level. Ask at the Kielty Hall entrance for directions into Parish Hall across the drive.
Free parking at venue. Food is available at venue.
Rising Star 2020 Raffle Quilt
The Rising Star Raffle Quilt “Oceanview” measures 96×96.  

Quilt Shops Reopening

As we head into the middle of June and the Commonwealth begins Phase Two of reopening businesses, we want to express again our hopes that you are all well and finding creative and fulfilling ways to occupy your days.

So far we have the following information about quilt stores:

Charlton Sewing Center, Charlton – June 2020 – (508) 248-6632

Quilt & Cabbage, Fiskdale – M, Th, F, Sat. 10-4:30 –  (508) 347-3023

Appletree Fabrics, Auburn – T, Th, Sat. 10-2 – (508) 832-5562

Meeting House Quilt Shop, Wales – August 1st 2020, or by appointment on Th & F. -( 413) 245-1235

We will add more info as it is available.

Be Safe and Be Well. And Quilt On!

Turning Twenty in 2020 and Turning Twenty Quilt Block

Hi Quilters!

We know how to celebrate, don’t we? All alone at home!

In honor of the 20th year of the guild, here is the link to instructions for making a Turning Twenty quilt, which uses all of 20 fat quarters, with no leftover pieces.

The quilt photo below is from

The ehow link does not include photos or layout plans, so more description has been added here:

Step 1 – Templates

You will need a 10-1/2” x  10-1/2” square, a 7-1/2” x 10-1/2” rectangle,  and a 7-1/2” x 17” rectangle. For the border cut a piece 4” x 17”. This uses up the fat quarter.

Total length and width above are fat quarter measurements.

Step 2 – Fabric Layout

Place the 10-1/2” x 10-1/2” square in the bottom left corner and the long rectangle across the top. Place the 7-1/2” x 10-1/2” rectangle just to the right of the square and the 4-inch by 17-inch rectangle along the right side. Many quilters do not wash fat quarters to avoid the possibility of shrinkage, since fat quarter patterns like this one often take the entire 18-inch length.

Step 3 – Practice Block – For Beginners, if Necessary

Use fabrics of your choice to make a quilt block for practice, cutting each of the three main pieces from a different fabric.  You do not need to cut the 4-inch by 17-inch piece as it is a border piece for the full quilt.

Step 4 – Assembly of Quilt Block

Assemble the three pieces into a quilt block. Use 1/2-inch seams** to sew the 7-1/2” x 10-1/2” rectangle to the square. Sew the 7-1/2” x 17” rectangle across the top of the two sewn pieces. REMEMBER to mix up your 20 different fabric patterns for colour and design variety.

[**NOTE:  Most quilters use a ¼” seam, so if you do this, your actual block will be slightly larger than the dimensions stated in these instructions; and therefore, the difference will just make your quilt larger by a couple inches. The finished block will be 17-1/2” x 17-1/2”, and then 17” x 17” when finished sewn into quilt. If you wish to use ½” seams, see Step 5 below for final measurements.]       BE CONSISTENT WITH SEAM MEASUREMENTS.

Step 5 – Pressing

Press seams away from the square and measure your block for size. It should be 17-1/2″ inches by 17-1/2″ inches – Finished in the quilt, each block will be 17 x 17.  [When sewn into quilt – using ½” seams – the finished size will be 16” x 16”.]

Step 6 – Putting Blocks Together

You can begin with any piece(s) on the top, and turn next block clockwise or counter-clockwise 90 degrees. Above the top block piece is Piece A and each following piece is turned clockwise 90 degrees.

Step 7 – Finishing Your Quilt Top

Many quilters suggest building the quilt into larger blocks, rather than sewing by rows. It is easier to keep the blocks – and the quilt – square. It is also a good idea to use a cutting template to check that you are keeping the blocks squared.

So, in piecing the blocks for the Turning Twenty quilt, you may lay out two rows as desired, and then sew the first two blocks of Row 1 to the first two blocks of Row 2 as shown below. Remember – the layout is totally up to you – just turn the next block 90 degrees in either direction.

Because you are working with 20 different fabrics, whichever way you choose to turn your block is going to be fine because no two blocks will be the same.  It all depends on how you like the colours to flow and if you are doing a secondary design – such as light to dark colours, which may flow from one corner to the next of the quilt.  There is much room for innovation!

Step 8 – Finishing the Quilt

  1. Sew the border pieces in a strip and then sew to each side of the quilt
  2. Pin quilt top, batting and backing fabric together – unless you are having it quilted by a longarm quilter.
  3. Quilt using a design of your choice – straight lines or circles or whatever goes with your quilt.
  4. Sew on the binding – or have someone do it for you.
  5. Beginners will most likely take their batting and quilt top and backing to a longarm quilter to be finished, as it can be daunting to try to quilt a design on something so large.
  6. Sew on a label giving pertinent information – there are web sites with suggestions as to what to include on a label for your quilt.

And although we did not get to hear Michelle Banton speak in March, here are a couple Turning Twenty quilt variations from her:

2020 Leicester Fall Harvest Fair

Hello Quilters!

Since we are all staying home a lot these days, perhaps you have a bit of time – between all the other quilting and projects you have going! – to do a one or two simple projects to be displayed and sold at the Guild Quilt Raffle Table during the Fair. Links to some sites for projects and Fair information are attached below.

Placemats and napkins:

Table runners/toppers:

Zipper pouches:

Tote bags:

Fall themed:

Pet themed:

And – of course – any favourites you have are always welcome.

May 2020 – Modern Quilt Group and Other Notes

Greetings Friends and Quilters!

  • As you are all well aware, we are still under a ‘stay home’ (whenever possible) mandate from the Governor, which has been extended until May 18th.
  • Our May meeting is cancelled and the Board is contemplating several options for the June Social – including postponing it until September or another time.
  • Congratulations! to Susan Burns, whose quilt was voted most representative of the Guild, by members,  in person at the Charlton Sewing Center, where the quilts were displayed, or via email for those members who were caught off-guard by the closings of non-necessary businesses (as was I).  For the ability to have the photos of the quilts available to vote on via email,  we thank Jill H.  A photo of Susan B.’s  quilt is below.  At some point, when the New England Quilt Museum re-opens, Susan’s quilt will be shown for a month.

  • Many of the guild members have been devoting materials and time to sew face masks for health care workers, family members and friends, and donating them via the Charlton Sewing Center. Please see links on our Facebook page if you wish to participate.
  • We are doing our best to keep in touch. The Modern Quilt Group of the CQG has opted to connect via Zoom for informal meetings, and a Dropbox for sharing photos. As always, if joining in on the challenges and sharing modern quilt projects is something you would like to do, please contact Sue Therriault at Chantal at can send you tutorials and support for downloading and accessing the Zoom video app.  She also set up the Dropbox for the group and can help with that if you are interested.
  • Sue T summarized the video meeting:

“Our Modern Quilting Mini-group joined the virtual world last week.  Chantal Little hosted a zoom meeting and created a Dropbox so that we were able to have a mini show and tell of our challenge quilts.  The challenge was Traditional Churn Dash in a Modern Way and many of us displayed our quilted items via the Dropbox that she had created.  We will be getting together (hopefully, in person) on July 18th.  All are welcome.  Just send me an email  ( and to let me know that you are interested.  Thanks to Susan Detwiler, you can view our quilts on the website and facebook.”

  • The Leicester Fall Harvest Fair is still on and Jill is looking for donations for the Guild Table to sell. Please see the Notice on Facebook or here on our site for additional information.


Below are churn dash challenges from Chantal (berry colours); Monique (sliced churn dash in black orange white and blue); Sue T (deconstructed churn dash in white and teal);  Joy R (luscious looking table mats); and Susan D (spring colours – will be a pillow cover).

Be Well – March and April 2020

Because of the health risk, our March 2020 meeting was cancelled and the April one is tentative at this time.

We still have quilts hung at the Charlton Sewing Center, but the store is not open, and we will leave the quilts at the store until we can get into it again. If you did not get to vote on one of the quilts as to which best represents the guild, we will post if voting will continue at a later date. Otherwise, please go to our Facebook page to view photos of the quilts that were submitted.

Charlton Sewing Center is also leaving materials to pickup and sew facemasks, then return to a drop box – all outside the store in tubs for you to access without going inside if you are interested in helping out in that manner.  Please see the Facebook site for the Guild or the sewing center for all information.

We will post as soon as we know what our scheduling is going to be for the next three – four months;  much is dependent upon state recommendations and guidelines, and our concerns for eveyone’s health and well-being.

We all miss getting together, viewing each other’s quilts, listening to the speakers we have engaged for the year, and discussing all that we are doing as a guild.

Until we can meet again – please all – be safe and be well.

February 2020 Guild Meeting

February  2020 Guild Meeting

Our speaker this month was Pat Delaney – an extremely creative and award-winning quilter for the past 20 years.  Most recently Pat had a show at the NEQM titled “The Colorful World of Pat Delaney”.

Per the NEQM:  “Pat Delaney’s quilts are renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate details and complex patterns. Her work has won numerous awards and recognition from every major quilt organization in the United States. Among these are Best of Show at AQS QuiltWeek in Des Moines, Iowa (2013) and a First Place award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas (2011). . . . . .Delaney not only enjoys creating her own designs, but also focuses on teaching these skills to other quilt makers.”

Because Pat’s favourite colour is red, she presented a slide show featuring just about all the reds found in nature and said that if in doubt about what colours to use with red, look at nature for inspiration.

One of Pat’s four quilts featured in 500 Traditional Quilts by Karey Patterson Bresenhan from Lark Publications is even titled “Inspiration Draws from Nature”.  The other quilts are “Barcelona Crow’s Nest,” “Sugar Maples and Nose Stickers,” and “To Everything There is a Season.” And for those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘nose sticker’, children also call the maple tree seeds  ‘helicopters’ in other parts of the country.

While she has done basic red and white in at least one quilt, most of her quilts are a vivacious mix of reds and other colours for contrast.

If you missed the guild meeting, click on  the links below for photos of some of her quilts:

New England quilt Museum at

Pat’s website at

Photos  of a few of Pat’s quilts are included here.

And of course we have the Show and Tell photos of some quilts made by our guild members:

Quilt Displays 2020

CHARLTON LIBRARY QUILT DISPLAY – We are no longer able to display quilts at the library in the room we used, due to water damage and subsequent renovations.  Instead, the library has offered us a wall to hang one quilt each month. Quilts may not be wider than 65″.  Anne P is taking names and phone numbers of members interested in having a quilt displayed. The selection is random, by drawing one name of those interested at each guild meeting.  That person will then be given the following month to display a quilt. Hanging sleeves are not required. The library would like a short bio with each quilt displayed.  Nicole is our contact at the library if you need to speak with her about arrangements to drop off or pick up your quilt.


[a]  ONLY large quilts, but no larger than 80″ wide x 88″ long.

[b] MUST have a 4″ hanging sleeve.

[c]  NO tied quilts.

[d]  NO labels or identifying  information on the front of the quilt.

[e]  MUST have been made AFTER 2015.

[f]  Must be brought to Susan Burns at the February Guild Meeting – or you may take yours to the Center on Feb 28th.

Quilts will be judged and voted on anonymously to determine the quilt that best represents our Guild.  That quilt will then be displayed at the NEQM in the summer of 2020. So go through your quilts and see what you haven’t given away!

NOTE:  If you were not at the meeting on Sunday Feb 16th. or if you forgot to bring your quilt for the display at the Charlton Sewing Center, please bring your quilt directly to the Charlton Sewing Center any time during the day, Friday, 2/28 and be sure it is given to Peg Sullivan so that you will be included in the month-long display.  Any questions, please contact Susan Burns at or call her at 508-864-2397 prior to 2/28

MARCH 15 – CHARLTON SEWING CENTER RECEPTION –  If you haven’t had time to get to the Center to vote on the quilt which you think best represents the Cornerstone Guild, then come to the reception, meet friends, view the quilts and cast your ballot!