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**Please direct all questions or information to the President of the Guild, Anne P. Pietroburgo, at the email address listed below. She will direct your concern to the appropriate Board Member. Thank you.

President:    Anne P. Pietroburgo

Vice-President:    Mary Piorun

Secretary:  Jill Havrilla

Treasurer:   Jocelyn Bouvier


  •            Retreat:     Ruth Haynes   
  •            Speakers:      Susan Burns
  •            Workshops:     Susan Therriault
  •            YMCA Children’s Holiday Gift Program:  Cathy Carpentier

Facilities:  Susan Jorritsma  

Hospitality:    Anne Covino

Librarians:    Joanne Carey & Sally Lemay

Member at Large:    Jeanne Adler

Membership:    Gaye Kenyon

Newsletter:   Becki Leavitt

Outreach:  Terri Donnelly

Photographer / Webmaster / Facebook:    Susan Detwiler

Ways & Means:  Carol Cruttenden & Joanne Morin

OPEN POSITIONS:  1) Historian    2) Publicity