President:    Susan Burns

Vice-President:    Monique Fontaine

Treasurer:    Jocelyn Bouvier

Secretary:    Sue Therriault


     Speakers:    Anne Pietroburgo

     Workshops:    Sue Therriault

     Orphan Block Challenge:    Anne Covino and Monique Fontaine

     Mystery Kit Challenge:     Carol Cruttenden and Joanne Morin

     Shoebox Block Challenge:    Judy Bachand and Mary Piorun

     Whisper Challenge:    Becki Leavitt

     Fall 2018 Retreat:    Ruth Haynes

     YMCA Children’s Gift Program:    Cathy Carpentier

Cornerstone Collectibles:    Carol Cruttenden and Joanne Morin 

Hospitality:    Anne Covino

Librarians:    Joanne Carey & Sally Lemay

Members at Large:    Jeanne Adler  and  Anne Morin

Membership:    Gaye Kenyon

Newsletter/Facebook:    Becki Leavitt

Outreach:  Terri Donnelly

Photographer:    Open

Publicity:    Open

Webmaster:    Sue Therriault