Welcome to the Activities Page!


YMCA Childrens Gift Program

The guild is once again participated in the YMCA Childrens Gift Program and many children had a great Christmas.  Many thanks to Coordinator Cathy Carpentier and You!


Interested taking a workshop?

Then, please visit the Workshop page.  Several guild members who are skilled and experienced in quilting are presenting some great workshops so that you too can expand your quilting skills with like-minded quilters.


Interested in who will be speaking at the next guild meeting?

Then, please visit the Speakers page.  Anne Pietroburgo has arranged for a great speaker program this year.  Each will inspire us to try something new.


How about a Challenge or two or three?

   The Whisper Challenge is back!

Make a wallhanging inspired by the creation of the previous month’s quilter.  The first quilter will start by selecting an image from an array of photos provided and making a wallhanging inspired by that photo.  His or her creation will go to the next quilter who will make a wallhanging inspired by that creation.  And so on and so on and sew on.  See Becki Leavitt if you are interested.  The BIG Reveal date will be the June meeting.

Architectural Inspiration Challenge

Make a quilt inspired by a photo provided to you.  This challenge is NOT about an exact replica of the image….Let the picture inspire you to be creative through its colors, patterns, line or theme.  At the May meeting, we will have the BIG Reveal. See Monique Fontaine if you are interested.

Holice Turnbow Panel Challenge

Holice will be distributing mystery panels (the same panel for each person) and the challenge is to create a quilt that results in the original panel being unrecognizable.  Bring your completed quilt to the April meeting!


Quilters Winter Brunch

Anne Covino, with help from Monique Fontaine, once again coordinated a very fine Quilters Brunch held on Sunday, January 28th, 2018, at the Leicester Country Club.  Thanks, Anne and Monique, for making the day special and lots of fun.


Mystery Quilt

Cathy Starr is once again coordinating a mystery quilt.  Every few weeks, you will receive a clue in the mail.  As you complete each clue, you will see your quilt grow in pieces until sometime in the spring when the whole quilt will be revealed.  The cost is $10 and the clues are mailed to you.  If you are interested, please email Cathy Starr at cathy_starr@charter.net.


Retreat 2018

CQG 2018 Retreat will be held at the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, NH from Friday, October 26 through Sunday, October 28.  Reservations may be placed starting at the February meeting. Final payments will be due August 1st, 2018.  Great Fun will be had by all!  Committee members: Ruth Haynes, Judy Bachand, and Sue Therriault.