Guild Events



JANUARY 19TH 2020 !!!!!

The theme of our January celebration is “Cabin Fever” so bring the quilts you have been working on for show and tell.  We will be meeting in the downstairs of the church for cake, and coffee, tea or water, as this is a totally social gathering.

There are lots of challenges ongoing now:  Sports Log, Sew 4 Block, Whisper, and Shoebox.

The Sunshine Club has been re-instituted, and Bridggette Fink is the contact.

MARCH 2020 – The Showing of the Quilts

[1]  If you are interested in having your quilt(s) displayed at the Charlton Library in March, please give them to Laura Salo in February and be sure they have hanging sleeves on them.

[2]  CRITERIA for quilts to be displayed at the Charlton Sewing Center:  [a]  ONLY large quilts, but no larger than 80″ wide x 88″ long.  [b] MUST have a 4″ hanging sleeve.  [c]  NO tied quilts.  [d]  NO labels or identifying  information on the front of the quilt. [e]  MUST have been made AFTER 2015.   [f]  Must be brought to Susan Burns at the February Guild Meeting.

Quilts will be judged and voted on anonymously to determine the quilt that best represents our Guild.  That quilt will then be displayed at the NEQM in the summer of 2020. So go through your quilts and see what you haven’t given away!

JUNE 2020 – End of Year Party and Silent Auction

As always, if you wish to make a donation of quilting item(s) for the silent auction, you can bring to any meeting and give to Carol C. or Joanne M. It has been noted that items in baskets have been very popular in the past.