October 2017


From President Susan Burns:

I think a lot about choices. When I began quilting in the early 1970’s, there was not
much to choose from among fabrics suitable for quilting — mostly uninspiring cottons
with small motifs in a limited range of colors. The available sewing machines were a
far cry from what is available today. And yet I loved them all! Because with every
purchase there was an anticipation of the creation of something new, something
fresh, something that would excite my imagination!
In 2017, the choices can seem overwhelming: The fabrics! The patterns! The options
for “quilt as desired”! And yet I’ve never lost that excitement of setting my hand to
something new. What I sewed in 1973 looks like it came from a different planet when
compared to what I sew today, but the tie that binds them is that love of the craft, of
making something the world has never seen before,and making it the best way that I
can. As we make our choices in this complicated and often confusing world, my wish
for you is that you never lose the excitement and anticipation of making something
new, in the best way you can. Looking forward is not only what gives us hope for the
future, but binds us inextricably to the past and all that is worth remembering and
keeping in our hearts. Happy quilting!


September 2017


President’s Message

Greetings, Quilters!!

It is my great pleasure to return to the position of President of Cornerstone Quilters!  My last tenure ended in 2005, hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly. My hair is grayer and the wrinkles have multiplied, but one thing that has not changed is the importance of the Guild in my life and, I’m sure, in yours. We share our combined love of the craft of quilting, whether traditional or modern, king size or miniature or somewhere in between, as well as the many great friendships and memories which have grown out of that shared passion.  It’s all good!!  We have a wonderful year planned thanks to the combined efforts of so many people who work tirelessly on the Guild’s behalf to meet our members’ needs. We welcome everyone’s suggestions and participation to keep our Guild going strong not only for this year but also in the years to come.

Our September speaker will be Patty Sawyer, whose presentation title is “Right Place Right Time”. What could be better to start off our Guild year?! And please check out the Workshop offerings coming up. We’ll be holding workshops at the Charlton Library going forward, space is limited so don’t be shy about signing up to hold your spot! Our Outreach group continues to provide quilts of all sizes to those in need in our extended community, and they always need help so please pitch in there if you’re able. Even a few hours a month makes a difference. There are some interesting challenges in store to get your fabric imagination humming, as well. Don’t forget to share any quilting-related items you may have decided to “re-home” with our Dollar Table (Now renamed – Cornerstone Collectibles). Your discard could be someone else’s treasure!

Best wishes for another great Quilting Year for Cornerstone Quilters!

Susan Burns, President

Cornerstone Quilting Guild

Cornerstone Quilting Guild

President’s Message:

Happy Spring!

I feel safe saying this now. Finally, the warner days are coming.

We have a busy meeting this month: election of new officers and an amendment to the by laws. We will be voting on these 2 things at this month’s meeting. Please take a look at the proposed amendment and feel free to send feedback and questions to any board member.

This year is winding down but we still have wonderful things planned! The final meeting of the year will be June 11th. The Strawberry Social will be an amazing good time! Plan to bring a red and white themed show and tell and your appetite!

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next sunny Sunday meeting!

Yours in stiches…Anne



If you’re a New Member, find a friendly face and a seasoned guild

member to help you navigate through the guild network. Orientation

packets are available here. Current members are always needed to

volunteer with this important committee!




We Are On FaceBook (Yea!)  October 2015 

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 For those members who would like to advertise their quilting services (long-arm quilting, teaching, etc.), there is a section on Resources and Links where we will include your specialty.