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from September 19, 2021 Guild Meeting

Quilt Skills – a skill builder or skill refresher activity for all experience levels

What is this: This activity is open for interpretation. It’s what you want to make of it.
Each month, an element or technique will be announced. The task is to create a block
with that element in it. You incorporate the element into a block. Eventually you’ll have
enough blocks that can be assembled into what ever you want – a stack of pot holders or an entire quilt.
The difficulty level is your choice. All the way from block selection to quilt layout. This
project can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. It’s all up to you!

Sampler Block Quilt Tips Fabric Selection Ideas –

  • Choose a few coordinating fabrics with the intent of using at least one of the coordinating
    fabrics in each block
  • Some ideas for coordinating fabrics:
    • Use Coordinating Colors
    • Use a Coordinating Fabric Bundle
    • Use a line of Novelty Prints
    • Choose a mix of Light, Medium and Dark fabrics
    • Coordinate your choices with a Focus Fabric
  • You could start with about 4 fat quarters or 4 half yard cuts depending on the quilt size you have in mind ( hot pads, placemats, pillows, table runner, crib, lap, twin, etc…. )
  • Add additional fabrics to each block for a greater variety if desired
  • Incorporating a chosen Solid in each block will help to make the blocks relatable
  • Solid could be White, Off White, Black
  • Solid could also be a color
  • Consider Gold, Maroon, Grey, Slate Blue, Teal Green, ….
  • Using Yellow, Orange and lime Green will stand out
  • Use these colors with intention
  • Use sparingly will create a small pop of color
  • Use evenly throughout will brighten the entire quilt
  • Use in a specific area will highlight that area

    Ideas when choosing Block Sizes –
  • Consistent Block Sizes are easiest to assembling into a quilt
  • Varying Block Sizes may challenge you when assembling
  • 3”, 4”, 6” and 12” finished blocks go well in the same quilt
  • 4”, 8” and 16” finished blocks also go together well
  • 1/4” seam accuracy really helps when joining sample blocks
  • Test your 1/4” seam accuracy before you begin
  • Adjust your 1/4” as needed for precision
  • Square up assembled pieces ( 1/4 square triangles or flying geese units)
  • Square up finished blocks
  • Random Tips –
  • Store your fabrics together
    From month to month you’ll have it ready to get started on the next block
  • Cut from the scraps of your stored fabrics first
    Don’t cut a whole strip if you won’t use it in the current block
    Only cut what you need from each fabric
  • Blocks with fewer pieces or larger pieces are typically easiest
  • For more difficulty, chose blocks with many small pieces
  • Resources –
  • Use your favorite resource to find a block to make with the element
    • Internet search
    • Books
    • Patterns
    • Past projects

The Element for the block to be ready for the October guild meeting is a Rectangle.

You need to incorporate a rectangle into your block design or use a design that already uses rectangles.

Can’t wait to see what those of you who accept this challenge do!

Questions? Contact Ros Rock.