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Mod Squad Meeting – October 2021

From our Pres – Sue T:

What a wonderful meeting we had on Saturday filled with lots of yellow and gray challenge quilts and great discussion.  The creative juices were flowing / overflowing as we talked about transparency quilts, modern quilts vs. traditional quilts vs. art quilts.  There were so many ideas, I could barely keep up.  So, what did I do?  I went to my friend Google and found a few websites and youtube videos that I thought I would share with everyone.  Thanks, Joy, for bringing along your table runner and sparking the conversation.

First up – Transparency Quilts.  Check out Karen Combs videos on the basics, followed by one by Thomas Bosket, which focuses more on the colors within colors to create a transparency effect.  All very interesting.

http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2011/03/color-series-complementary-colors-cool.html – for the Ives Color Wheel.

And check out the Modern Quilt Studio for more transparency quilts.

Our attention then moved toward our next challenge – Improv Log Cabin.  No other guidelines required.  The deadline will be 
our January meeting – set for Saturday, January 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm at the Community Room at the Charlton Library.  For
those of us new to modern quilting and/or improv, I found this article that gives the basics of improv and how to get started.

https://www.cottonandbourbon.com/ – for Modern quilted textile art.

I want to thank everyone for making the Mod Squad such great fun.  We started this group three years ago (Oct 13, 2018 was our first meeting.), weathered the pandemic, and learned a lot about modern quilting along the way.  The gallery of yellow and gray quilts were inspiring and I was thinking that it would be great to share them with the rest of the guild at our January Big Show and Tell.  Think about it!

Have a great day!


Sue T

REMEMBER – Next MOD Squad meeting is January 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm in the Community Room of the Charlton Public Library!!

October 2020 – Mod Squad Meeting

For those of you who don’t know, Sue T has dubbed the Modern Quilt Group “the Mod Squad” which many of you may remember was a TV show some years back. CQG Modern Quilt Group was a mouthful. Sue shares the following from the “safe-distancing, mask-wearing meeting” held middle of the month.

Hi, All,

We had a great time on Saturday afternoon showing and sharing our October half-yard exchange challenge.  Some were very creative (Susan Jorritsma’s art object, Kathleen Lemansky’s hexagon pillow, Joy Reece’s fussy cut attic window, Lin Bourie’s leaves and table topper), some tried something new (Lynn Whitten’s spiral machine quilting, Sue Therriault’s ice cream cone knitting bag), and some were very modern (Becky Bachand’s modern mini, Susan Burns’ colorful pieced quilt).  All agreed that it was a fun challenge and made us stretch out of our comfort zones.  If you’d like your quilt on the guild’s facebook page, please forward a picture to Susan Detwiler.  Marcia Kilpatrick was unable to attend but sent along her Churn Dash challenge.  Great job, Marcia!

We then turned our attention to talking about various podcasts and/or videos that have helped us as we navigate the pandemic.  Here are a few ideas if you have some time and want to be inspired:

This discussion led into talking about a few free Quilt Alongs available on the internet (i.e. Sewcialites offered by Moda and the Fat Quarter Shop, Stitch Pink 2020 offered by the Fat Quarter Shop) and free patterns (Jordan Fabrics, Fat Quarter Shop, Temecula Quilt Shop), which led into retreats and sewcations (https://stitching-with-gina.myshopify.com/collections/sewcations), and websites (UK quilters united).  So many ideas, too little time.  And, oh yah, a quilting calc app from Robert Kaufman available on your phone,  My head is spinning!   

And, before we called it a day, we decided on our next challenge:  Most people have played the game of Clue or seen the movie.  There are six characters:  Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Rev. Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. White.  The challenge is to pick two of the following colours: Plum, Scarlet, Peacock, Green, and Mustard.  Add an optional third color (white is definitely an option), and make something modern.  

We will plan to meet sometime in January or early February.  The date and venue will be determined in late December/early January.   I will send an email reminder when we finally move into 2021!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected to the guild and/or the Mod Squad…..and keep on sewin’!


Sue T