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February 2022 – The Never-Ending Month – or Quilt Your Way to Spring

What is it about February.  It is the shortest month of the year and yet it seems to drag on and on with grey skies, sleet, rain (who’d have thought), then bitter cold and winds, then back to rain. And maybe snow at some point that doesn’t stay around for long. But the month is young and perhaps this will all be proved as being a wrong prediction!

It’s a good time to organize your sewing room – or that part of it that may have “frazzled” since the last time you did it: a thorough move-the-furniture vacuuming, dusting everything (no fair dusting around stuff), sorting, finishing projects, straightening up storage drawers, bins, boxes or shelves – whatever you use.  And if you haven’t done it since finishing the last project, give your sewing machine some love by taking apart what you can and getting out the lint (which I swear grows inside the machine without any help from me!).

Many guild members are participating in a “Done is Better than Perfect” challenge to complete those pesky UFO’s.  The first finished item will be due by the March meeting.  There are four time frames:  March, June, September 2022 and January of 2023.  So, if you want something easy finished by the March meeting, fill out one of the sheets handed out for your use (this isn’t a test!) and then fill out the others for the rest of the year. The sheets are for your reference and to help you get organized. Then you will be ready for Show and Tell, if you want to show off what you have completed.

Just as a gardener plans the garden during the winter months, quilters can find all sorts of ways to use February as a planning/dreaming month. There are a lot of sites you can go to for tutorials and inspiration on organizing, finishing projects, help with cleaning your machine, using up scraps and moving ahead with UFOs.



FEBRUARY BLOCK CHALLENGE – Since this month’s quilt block challenge is “Square in a Square” here are some ideas:




A few easy Valentines for those special people:



So while February may drag its heels, we don’t have to drag through the days. There are lots of ways we can utilize the cold days as we plan, cut, piece and quilt our way to Spring.